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Another day in Little Current

05 August 2012
Tony and Kat
Photo: Parade float

The weather is panning out as forecast with high winds building continuously this morning. We’re sitting in the cockpit watching the best spectator sport around: other people docking. So far all of the boats docking or leaving have some form of a gelcoat souvenir from the Little Current docks. The most recent was a young couple on a 40’ Legend after two attempts they made it in. Having a bunch of old time sailors on the dock telling him what to do didn’t help his ego.

The problem today is the counterintuitive nature of the conditions. We have strong westerlies and the flags are standing on end pointing off the dock. The current on the other hand is pushing the boats into the dock. So this character aims his boat towards the dock thinking the wind is going to push him off – not! Crunch! I often wonder why captains think more power is the best way to approach a dock – maybe too many episodes of the TV series ‘Tool Time’? Just remember one day your reverse gear won’t work. Hopefully we fair better tomorrow.

The parade was fun with some very interesting floats. At the parade we ended up running into friends we met a couple of years ago – Tom and Brenda on 'Traveller' a B473. Brenda told us an interesting story about being woken up at 1:30 to the sound of voices in her dingy. As soon as the couple heard her they both jumped into the water sans clothes which were neatly piled up on the dock. Another interesting chapter from the book ‘Mating Habits of Sailors’?

Afternoon wind update it is now blowing consistently 25 with gusts to 35 at the dock. The forecast is to begin calming down (to 15) after the cold front passes through. Hopefully everything settles down tonight otherwise we're pinned in at Little Current. Our friends on 'Island Sol' left Harrisville this morning headed to Harbor Beach – I hope they got through Saginaw Bay before the winds really hit. Even then anchoring in 15+ in HB won't be a picnic.

Vessel Name: French Connection
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 423
Hailing Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
Crew: Tony & Kat
We started sailing 27 years ago on a 17' boat in Chicago. Once we found out small boats and big lakes don't mix we quickly upgraded to a 30' then progressed through 34, 38 and our most recent acquisition is a 42. [...]

Who: Tony & Kat
Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
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