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15 August 2012
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Back Home Again

15 August 2012
Tony & Kat
We’re back home – the trip down the St Clair river and Lake St Clair were non events. We went from Sarnia to Winsor just over 6 hrs and stayed at the Lakeview Marina. While not my favorite place, it does serve as a better stopping point than the Grosse Point Yacht Club. We had a wonderful dinner aboard ‘Richard Sharpe’, toasted the end of the journey and reaffirmed our plans for Lake Ontario for next year. We really enjoyed traveling with the Paul and Geri and look forward to other trips.

The following morning we split off, with ‘Richard Sharpe’ leaving about an hour ahead of us – they have a 2.5 hr drive back to Columbus so I can’t blame them for an early departure. Once in the Detroit river we had a favorable current which never went below 1.5 kts. Although we did prefer the current under the BW bridge in Sarnia which pushed us over 11 kts. Lake Erie greeted us with calm waters and light winds – we did try to motor sail most of the way, but the wind on the nose didn’t help. In spite of that we made it in about 7 hrs. While a robust sail would have been nice, we just wanted to get home quickly

In the dock and the toughest part of the journey begins – unpacking, cleaning and stowing away stuff we don’t need until the next long cruise – figure it’ll take us a couple of days at least + add on cleaning and laundry. On the bright side when we got home, the lawn was cut and the house completely dusted (thank you Alex)!

One last entry to go - our reflections on the trip, especially did well – do betters.
Vessel Name: French Connection
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 423
Hailing Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
Crew: Tony & Kat
We started sailing 27 years ago on a 17' boat in Chicago. Once we found out small boats and big lakes don't mix we quickly upgraded to a 30' then progressed through 34, 38 and our most recent acquisition is a 42. [...]

Who: Tony & Kat
Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
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