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15 August 2012
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31 July 2009 | Catawba Island

A New Season

30 June 2009
Here it is - another season of sailing, however the house is getting in the way again. Last year we were fortunate to have sold our Beachwood home in ten days and we ended up moving during prime sailing season. This summer we're wrapping up a major renovation on our home in Catawba. Almost done - and it needs to be since we'll be off to the North Channel shortly.

Even thought we only have sailed three times this year - two were exciting races. Alex and Stephanie were on board for the first one and really helped us out. Winds were perfect for French Connection, 14+kts, the waves minimal and a decent start. Most of the fleet chose an inshore heading, a few brave souls, ourselves included, took the contrarian route hoping for better winds and lifts. Turns out that was the favored course and we ended up with a first place in the division and third overall. The photo is of Alex and Stephanie, the soon to be newlyweds accepting the first place burgee.

The second race was equally as perfect with wind and no waves, although this time the opinion on the docks was to shorten sail. This made sense especially since Kat, Cheryl our race partner from last year and myself were the only ones on the boat. We put one reef in the main and had wonderful control (no weather helm) unfortunately we didn't have great boat speed, so we took out the reef halfway down to the windward mark, but by then we had lost precious speed and position on the rest of the fleet. This race, was a 2X windward - leeward. Long story short we came in third place in our division and just ten seconds behind Tiki Hut a Beneteau 473.

Apart from these exciting races the story on board French Connection this year has been maintenance. A complete set of batteries went in after our first shakedown sail - when we found out we couldn't run any electronics or basic necessities like Kat's electric head (toilet) or the fridge. A $ grand later FC was a happy camper with more than enough power to run everything on board. With that high level of confidence we motored back to the dock after the second race only to have the bow thruster fail just before the critical turn into our dock. Of course there was a steady crosswind which was blowing us into everything but our dock. Three tries later and with help from our dockmates we landed safely with no damage. Isn't docking the best spectator sport out there!

The news on the bow thruster is that it was the shear pin between the motor and the drive shaft. Another megabuck later - they had to haul out the boat to check the thruster for damage and we're good to go. Next week is boat prep week with lots of activity getting French Connection ready for the 1000 mile journey.
Vessel Name: French Connection
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 423
Hailing Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
Crew: Tony & Kat
We started sailing 27 years ago on a 17' boat in Chicago. Once we found out small boats and big lakes don't mix we quickly upgraded to a 30' then progressed through 34, 38 and our most recent acquisition is a 42. [...]

Who: Tony & Kat
Port: Catawba Island, Ohio
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