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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
09 November 2020 | Severn Beach, Bristol - 8,735 NM
08 November 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM
26 October 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM
20 October 2020 | Marathakampos - 20th October 2020 - 8,715NM
09 October 2020 | Limnos - 8,620 NM
30 September 2020 | Patmos - 8,602 NM
25 September 2020 | Evdhilos, Ikaria - 8,552 NM
13 September 2020 | Oinoussa - 8,491 NM
03 December 2019 | Bristol - 8,443 NM
05 November 2019 | Mytilini - 8,443 NM
18 October 2019 | Mytilini, Lesbos - 8,413 NM
11 October 2019 | Molyvos, Lesbos - 8,379 NM
04 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
02 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
22 September 2019 | Ormos Eleftheriou - 8,210NM
18 September 2019
18 September 2019 | Thassos - 8,190 NM
09 September 2019 | Marini, Lemnos - 8,123 NM
02 September 2019 | Sigri, Lesvos - 8,049 NM
21 May 2019
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09 November 2020 | Severn Beach, Bristol - 8,735 NM

2020 By the Numbers

Ninth year of cruising completed, this season was a lot shorter than normal because of Covid-19. This year's numbers are:

08 November 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM

The Earth Moved!

And then to Samos marina and the end of another sailing year. The marina is modern and well maintained but was clearly built to be more than just a marina. There are lots of shops but all empty as well as apartments and a pool. It gives it a feeling of desolation even though it’s all clean and tidy [...]

26 October 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM


Although we were very close to the end of our sailing adventures this year we weren't ready to stop yet. The winds still wouldn't allow us to visit Agonothinisia and so we decided on a circumnavigation of Samos. We motored around the east of the island in zero wind where Greece and Turkey are only 1 [...]

20 October 2020 | Marathakampos - 20th October 2020 - 8,715NM

Island Hopping

We decided on another day in Lipsoi and planned to walk the length of the island. This may sound a long way and indeed did to us when planning it! We took a taxi to Porto Mosxato on the north coast. It was a very pretty bay with lots of colourful fishing boats. The first stage was a steep uphill walk [...]

09 October 2020 | Limnos - 8,620 NM

Taking it Easy

We enjoyed our anchorage in Meloyi so much we stayed another night. A very lazy day on board going ashore for a walk around the bay and surrounding hills in the afternoon and another fantastic full moon later. The following morning, after a long early morning swim, we moved around the corner to Skala [...]

30 September 2020 | Patmos - 8,602 NM

What’s in a Plan

Evdhilos is a fishing village on the north coast of Ikaria. It has a huge harbour wall for such a small place, almost hiding it from the sea, to stop the meltemi but it was very calm while we were there. We stayed 2 nights and really enjoyed exploring the steep village streets and views as well as the [...]

Longest crossing so far

03 September 2012 | Bilbao, Northern Spain – 876 Miles
Grey and Muggy
We left Port Medoc at 5.15 in the morning on Saturday for a 166 nautical mile crossing of the Bay of Biscay to Bilbao where we are meeting friends later this week. We had to leave early to beat the ebb tide and the breakers it causes - as we found on the way in. This meant navigating the narrow channels in the dark ... we soon discovered that some of the buoys weren’t quite where our charts said, but actually it was all fine. The other obstacle that we needed to negotiate was the Landes missile range. Our thanks to Robby - who we met in Port Medoc - who confirmed with Range Control that they weren’t firing at the weekend – That wasn’t a conversation that we wanted to leave to our pidgin French!

Once we cleared the Gironde, the sun came up and we had our first sunrise on the water of our big solo trip. We went to reset the mainsail, only to have the mainsheet fly off. A shackle had worked loose which if it failed at another time could have been more ‘dramatic’. It took a few minutes to rethread the mainsheet and refit the shackle and we were on our way again. Unfortunately the winds died and we had on average only between 5-10 Kts of wind directly behind us. The sea wasn’t flat enough to use the cruising chute and so while we got some assistance from the sails we had to motor all of the way. The trip took 29 hours in total and so we were treated to a beautiful sunset and another sunrise with a big, clear full moon and stars guiding us in between. These were even more spectacular as we were on our own in the middle of the ocean with no land or artificial lights (other than own nav lights) to be seen. We found the passage, especially sailing through the night, really lovely and apart from being tired we both enjoyed it. We ran an informal watch rotation of about 2 hours on and 2 hours off for most the day with slightly longer stints through the night, which seemed to work well for us (and we’re still speaking!).

We arrived in Getxo, just outside Bilbao around 10.00 am and failed to make contact with the marina either by radio or phone, so we just tied up on an empty berth. Paul went in search of the Capitianara (marina office) only to find the pontoon exit locked. A very helpful Spaniard on a neighbouring boat explained that this marina (uniquely in his experience) is unmanned on a Sunday – a fact not mentioned in our pilot books or on their website. He very generously lent us his spare key for a few days so we could get out of the marina and explore until the office opened on Monday.

What we have seen of Getxo so far is really nice (apart from the MacDonalds and Kebab shop at the top of the pontoon!), but more of that later. We will be joined by Martin and Yve and Pauline and Jeremy in few days which we are really looking forward to. The weather is also forecast to improve
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