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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
03 December 2019 | Bristol - 8,443 NM
05 November 2019 | Mytilini - 8,443 NM
18 October 2019 | Mytilini, Lesbos - 8,413 NM
11 October 2019 | Molyvos, Lesbos - 8,379 NM
04 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
02 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
22 September 2019 | Ormos Eleftheriou - 8,210NM
18 September 2019
18 September 2019 | Thassos - 8,190 NM
09 September 2019 | Marini, Lemnos - 8,123 NM
02 September 2019 | Sigri, Lesvos - 8,049 NM
21 May 2019
19 May 2019 | Mytilini, Lesvos - 7,977 NM
12 May 2019 | Skala Polikintiou - 7,936 NM
05 May 2019 | Moudrou, Limnos - 7,847 NM
17 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM
09 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM
06 April 2019 | Chios Town, Chios - 7,673 NM
28 March 2019 | Lakki, Leros - 7,573 NM
19 November 2018
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03 December 2019 | Bristol - 8,443 NM

2019 by the numbers

Eighth year of cruising completed. This year’s numbers are:

05 November 2019 | Mytilini - 8,443 NM

I don’t want to alarm you but......

We had 10 days in Mytilini before our visitors arrived. We spent the time being very sociable with our fellow yachties. As well as Gordon and Louise on Camira we were joined by Edward on Windhoos from the Netherlands and Uva from Germany. A few bleary mornings were testament to the good nights had by [...]

18 October 2019 | Mytilini, Lesbos - 8,413 NM

Overnight to Molyvos

Our overnight passage was beautiful. We left Samothraki just before 5.00 pm to do 78 miles ensuring we arrived in daylight. The sea was totally flat and we had a gentle breeze allowing the main to give us a bit of assistance. The moon was almost full and already rising as we left and it lit our way until [...]

11 October 2019 | Molyvos, Lesbos - 8,379 NM


It was time to start heading south and back to Lesvos for the winter. We left Porto Lagos having really enjoyed our few days, there even though it felt as we left as soon as we’d arrived. 37 miles away was our next stop, Samothraki. A small island made of a large chunk of marble a long way from anywhere [...]

04 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM


Our first night back in Kavala turned out to be very long! One of the big ferries arrived shortly after us which isn't normally a problem but it clearly wasn't going anywhere soon but kept his engine running all night. Added to that the whole fishing fleet must've returned for the weekend passing very [...]

02 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM

A bus trip to Thessaloniki

A very pleasant 20 NM downwind motorsail past a couple of oil rigs took us to Ormos Eleftheriou. We had to come here as it’s Rita’s (Paul’s sister) family name. It’s a beautiful, big horseshoe shaped bay with small islands dotted about it, a few smaller bays plus a castle and sandy beaches. After [...]

Still Happily Going Nowhere

11 April 2013 | Viveiro - 1,174 miles
Wet and Very Windy but getting warmer
So we are still in Viveiro with a broken engine, but the engineer, Francisco and his mate are here today installing the repaired cylinder head, with it's shinny new valves, guides, glow plugs, gaskets and exhaust elbow. That lot may mean nothing to some of you, but everybody I'm sure will understand that it means many, many euros. It looks like we will be on a diet of bread and wine for a while. At 1.40 euros for a quaffable bottle of wine, it isn't much more expensive than water!

We have spent our time in Viveiro preparing the boat for the cruising to come, making some minor repairs and improvements that suggested themselves last year. We now have a timer on the immersion heater, so we don't end up with steam coming out of the taps, have installed a wifi booster so we can get online more often - at least when the tide lifts us up over the harbour wall so we can get the signal from the cafe over the road, repaired the lift pump on the generator - so it now works even if the fuel tank isn't full, fitted new curtains and fixed the head-linings in the aft cabin and the list goes on. I thought we left the UK to get away from DIY.

It's not all been work, we have reacquainted ourselves with the lovely walks and old town of Viveiro and the surrounding area. The walks along the river Landro are stunning and this time we managed to do the walk at high tide, so the views were very different than before. We've also explored a few more bars and restaurants with our friend Andrew. We had a good night in his local, the Meson Fonte, where we were invited to join a party in the new restaurant room. Lots of very delicious tapas and pinchos. Tomorrow we will be getting on the bus to explore a small harbour and town at Burela a few miles east of here.

Yesterday we had a Force 8/9 with occasional gusts at over 50 knots (Force 10) coming through the marina. It made for an interesting ride while safely moored in the marina, but at least I didn't get seasick. The bad news is that the winds here and out in Biscay have been very strong for a while and while its getting warmer, it looks as if there are still strong winds to come. The winds look as if they will be fine locally, but stronger offshore, so the swell is likely to stay huge and steep so even when the engine is repaired we may not be going anywhere for a few days yet.

Still beats working.....

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