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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
14 June 2018 | Karlovassi, Samos- 7,150 NM
11 June 2018 | Samos - 7,117 NM
31 May 2018
31 May 2018 | Kalandhon, Naxos - 7,006 NM
25 May 2018 | Naxos - 6,988 NM
21 May 2018 | Rhinia - 6,938 NM
13 May 2018 | Poros - 6,834 NM
06 May 2018
05 May 2018 | Astros - 6,770 NM
29 April 2018 | Leonidhion - 6,751 NM
25 April 2018 | Monemvasia - 6,711 NM
17 April 2018 | Kalamata - 6,606 NM
17 November 2017
14 November 2017 | Bristol - 6,606 NM
14 November 2017 | Athens - 6,606 NM
12 November 2017 | Kalamata - 6,606 NM
01 November 2017 | Kalamata - 6,606 NM
24 October 2017 | Kalamata - 6,606 NM
11 October 2017 | Pilos - 6,565 NM
04 October 2017
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14 June 2018 | Karlovassi, Samos- 7,150 NM

Dodgy mountain roads - again!

We had a very unpleasant passage to Samos just a stones throw from the Turkish coast. We left very early in the morning, because of the arrival of the water tanker, and initially it was a beautiful still morning as we left Patmos. The wind picked up a little and the sails came out and we thought we were [...]

11 June 2018 | Samos - 7,117 NM

Another Birthday

The wind blew so hard we were boat bound in Kalandhon, Naxos. We were safely tied up in the fishing harbour but the wind made any ventures ashore horrible. We managed a little stroll later in the day and miraculously the wind dropped just as we decided we'd had enough of hiding on the boat and we had [...]

31 May 2018 | Kalandhon, Naxos - 7,006 NM

Our first Meltemi

We really enjoyed Naxos. From our anchorage we could see the old town, castle and temple to Apollo. On shore the old town was very interesting and beautiful. It turned out to be 2 old towns - one inside the Venetian castle walls and the other one Greek and sprawling over the hill below. It was really [...]

25 May 2018 | Naxos - 6,988 NM

Be careful what you wish for!

After a really peaceful night in our anchorage the Meltemi was still blowing in the morning. Mykonos was only 5 miles away and had a sheltered marina and so we bit the bullet and off we went. As soon as we left the bay we were being soaked by the waves as we crashed through them. It took 1.5 hours to [...]

21 May 2018 | Rhinia - 6,938 NM

Birthday Boy

The passage to Kythnos was 46 miles in a straight line and we started in a flat calm sea with no wind - set Flossy and that's it. Right in the middle was a huge lump of rock, the island of Agia Geogios, totally barren and uninhabited apart from lots of windmills. Later the wind picked up a bit and we [...]

More Piles of Stones

14 November 2017 | Athens - 6,606 NM
Coll Nights
It was an uneventful but beautiful three hour bus ride from Kalamata to Athens with the highlight of the journey being the crossing over the Corinth Canal. The canal connects the Gulf of Corinith (and the Ionian) with the Saronic Gulf in the Agean Sea. The first plans for building a canal date back to the 7th century BC and despite a number of attempts over the last two thousand years, it wasn't until 1893 that the canal was finally completed. Its very impressive, a long narrow gorge carved through over 20m of rock, that is today used mainly by leisure boats, as it is to narrow for modern merchant ships.

We checked into our hotel in Plaka which was very conveniently located in the heart of Athens. Our bedroom had views of the Acropolis and Parthenon, which we visited on our first trip to Athens 8 years ago. We immediately set off to explore and only a 100m from the hotel, came across our first "pile of stones", vast remains of the ancient agora (market place). Like Rome there seems to be an ancient monument around every corner in central Athens and we joined the throng of tourists winding our way through the narrow streets and alleys filled with shops and cafes. There were a lot more tourists here than on our last visit and we think Athens has developed its "tourist offer" a lot since then.

We worked our way across town to the Lykavittos Hill and took the funicular railway to the top of the hill to enjoy the views and the sunset. We were a little disappointed when we realised the train made the whole journey in a tunnel but the views at top across the rooftops and the Acropolis were well worth it. We were planning to stay and watch the sunset, about 30 minutes away, but so it seemed were all the other tourists in town and it was getting crowded. That and the cold wind made us decide to head down and we slowly wandered back to town past the stadium that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, found a nice (under a patio heater!) place for an al-fresco dinner and then back to our hotel.

The next morning after breakfast on the hotel's rooftop terrace (more Acropolis views) we headed to the area of Monastraki. On a Sunday morning the streets of Monastraki become a giant flea market where you can buy almost anything from tourist tat, to expensive antiques and everything in between. After a few hours of perusing the stalls we explored further afield finding some more piles of stones to look at before returning to our hotel for a siesta.

We set out later that afternoon, this time climbing to the top of the Filapappous Hill. It was very atmospheric and looking across the rooftops of Athens surrounded by hills and mountains reminded us of a similar view of La Paz in Boliva. We slowly walked back towards our hotel, around the bottom of the Acropolis, which as it was now dark gave us lots of opportunities to look at floodlit piles of stones. The evenings in Athens in November are cold, so we opted to eat inside a restaurant, the first time we'd done this in Greece since we first arrived in March.

Our flight out the next day wasn't until the afternoon, so after a leisurely breakfast we retraced our steps of Saturday afternoon to explore the Olympic Stadium and its surrounding areas in daylight, followed by a long slow lunch before catching the metro to the airport and our flight back to Bristol.

We hope to be returning to Freya to continue our travels into the Aegean next spring.

The link to our map seems to be stopping people leaving comments on the blog, so I've removed it from these posts for now. I will be keeping it up to date so simply go to one of the special map only posts and click the link there to see it
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