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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
21 May 2019
19 May 2019 | Mytilini, Lesvos - 7,977 NM
12 May 2019 | Skala Polikintiou - 7,936 NM
05 May 2019 | Moudrou, Limnos - 7,847 NM
17 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM
09 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM
06 April 2019 | Chios Town, Chios - 7,673 NM
28 March 2019 | Lakki, Leros - 7,573 NM
19 November 2018
17 November 2018
07 November 2018 | Severn Beach - 7,563 NM
01 November 2018 | Leros, Greece - 7,563 NM
26 October 2018 | Didim - 7,526
18 October 2018 | Yalikavac - 7,526 NM
14 October 2018 | Bodrum - 7,464 NM
12 October 2018
10 October 2018 | Bozburun - 7,424 NM
01 October 2018 | Didim, Turkey - 7,323 NM
28 September 2018 | Didim, Turkey 7,323 NM
26 September 2018 | Didim, Turkey - 7,323 NM
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21 May 2019

Interactive Map

By clicking on the link below you can load an interactive map to see our route and explore the places we stopped at.

19 May 2019 | Mytilini, Lesvos - 7,977 NM

No Energy

With a flight home booked in 10 days from Lesvos and the weather so unsettled it was time to head back or risk being stuck on the wrong island and missing the wedding! First we needed to visit the Port Police again to pay our fees - so much form filling, it takes ages but all very friendly. Next coffee [...]

12 May 2019 | Skala Polikintiou - 7,936 NM

Limnos, windswept and closed

We left Mytilini early in the morning heading for a sheltered anchorage in Kolpas Kolloni on the south coast 35 miles away. As we expected, for the first part of our journey, heading south, the wind was on the nose making sailing in the right direction impossible and the sea was lumpy. Progress was slow [...]

05 May 2019 | Moudrou, Limnos - 7,847 NM

Wild Flowers and Lily

We had a few lovely days in Skala Loutra with Dee and Kevin. We walked up the steep path through the spring flowers and olive trees to the pretty little church perched on the hill above the bay for wonderful views of the green hills and the bay as well as the boats on the quay. We could also see some [...]

17 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM

Wet but beautiful Lesvos

After a day of torrential rain, with thunder and lightening thrown in, we woke to a much brighter day. We understood there was a bus from Skala Loutra to the island's capital, Mytilini, at 10.15 and so the four of us collected at the bus stop next to the quay and waited. 10.15 came and went with no bus [...]

09 April 2019 | Skala Loutra, Lesbos - 7,722 NM

Things that go bang in the night

What started as 'joggling' around on the quay in Chios Town turned into chaos as the day progressed! Necessity dictated a supermarket trip in the rain and, of course, coffee - a very long one as the boats were getting more uncomfortable. Getting on and off the boats was becoming increasingly challenging [...]

Thought the Aegean was supposed to have wind!

25 April 2018 | Monemvasia - 6,711 NM
Sunny and Hot
The replacement air filter was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon we tracked Yannis down - he'd forgotten to order it! We went to see George, his son, in the chandlery and watched while he ordered it. Now it wouldn't be here until Thursday. Oh well, a few more days in Kalamata isn't so bad - but on Wednesday we realised we'd missed the weather window and so it went on.......

We did have a good few days in Kalamata shopping, walking along the beach, socialising etc but it was frustrating as we were ready to go, Freya was ready to go and we were going!

Thursday afternoon the filter did arrive and was duly fitted but the wind around the Mani Peninsular was gusting 50 knots, typical as we hadn't had any at all since we'd been back! And then it was 45 knots in Kalamata on Saturday. Tiger came for cuddles in the middle of the night as he was scared of the wind! But Sunday looked good and we were off - motoring the whole 47 miles as there was no wind at all - until we rounded the peninsula when it blew up as we approached the hidden entrance to Porto Kayio, our first anchorage and home for tonight, and blew all night! A nice solid, pretty anchorage though and we slept well.

Our next stop was to be Elafonisi Island, hanging off the bottom of Maleas peninsula 25 miles away. We started off motoring on a very still, beautiful morning. Then we got the sails out and sailed, just a little bit, then motor sailed to our planned anchorage on the south of the island. Unfortunately the north westerly winds and swell forecast were actually southerly which made the anchorage very uncomfortable. We went in to have a look, it was stunning with a white sandy beach and clear turquoise water but sadly we couldn't stay. We headed round to the east of the island to a more sheltered bay which still had the turquoise waters and was still up there on the stunning scale - just not quite so high.

Having had a cup of tea and made sure Freya was well and truly stuck to the bottom we decided to go for a walk. The island is only 3 miles long and so any direction was possible and we decided north towards Elafonisi town which was about 2 miles away. After securing the dinghy to a rock and scrambling through the prickly undergrowth to the road we had a lovely walk along the coast. The town was very small, very pretty but mostly closed. It's on a narrow passage near the mainland, has a very pretty church on a small island across a causeway and lots of traditional fishing boats moored in the small harbour. We had a very welcome drink at very tourist prices(!) before heading back to Freya. On route we came across lots of flotsam washed ashore (dumped) from passing fishing boats. Paul was very excited combing through it looking for just the right sized plastic crate he wanted to help organise all that useful stuff in the cockpit locker. He found just the one and he was still smiling about it as we had dinner in the cockpit watching the sunset.

Next stop Monemvasia, 31 miles away. Not much in the way of sailing but a beautiful trip around the Maleas cape. Certainly not the Cape Horn of the Med for us. We moored on the wall in the little harbour where there were 2 other boats.

The link to our map seems to be stopping people leaving comments on the blog, so I've removed it from these posts for now. I will be keeping it up to date so simply go to one of the special map only posts and click the link there to see it

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