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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
19 November 2018
17 November 2018
07 November 2018 | Severn Beach - 7,563 NM
01 November 2018 | Leros, Greece - 7,563 NM
26 October 2018 | Didim - 7,526
18 October 2018 | Yalikavac - 7,526 NM
14 October 2018 | Bodrum - 7,464 NM
12 October 2018
10 October 2018 | Bozburun - 7,424 NM
01 October 2018 | Didim, Turkey - 7,323 NM
28 September 2018 | Didim, Turkey 7,323 NM
26 September 2018 | Didim, Turkey - 7,323 NM
23 September 2018 | Didim, Turkey - 7,323 NM
18 July 2018 | Severn Beach - 7,283 NM
10 July 2018
05 July 2018 | Lipsoi - 7,273 NM
26 June 2018 | Ikaria - 7,236 NM
14 June 2018 | Karlovassi, Samos- 7,150 NM
11 June 2018 | Samos - 7,117 NM
31 May 2018
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19 November 2018

Interactive Map

By clicking on the link below you can load an interactive map to see our route and explore the places we stopped at.

17 November 2018

2018 by the numbers

Seventh year of cruising completed. This year's numbers are:

07 November 2018 | Severn Beach - 7,563 NM


Freya's lift went smoothly and she was in her cradle by 09.30 giving us a full day to start ticking off all the jobs that put her to bed for the winter. We had a busy day and all went to plan until we removed the engine impeller and found a blade missing which means we have a lump of rubber somewhere [...]

01 November 2018 | Leros, Greece - 7,563 NM

Don’t Upset Manolis!

Our last night in Turkey was absolutely freezing in the northerly winds! The heater came out and every quilt and blanket was on the bed! Had we made a mistake sailing for a bit longer? The morning wasn't quite so cold and warmed up a little as the sun did it's bit and we got ready to go. We had to check [...]

26 October 2018 | Didim - 7,526

On Holiday

We got back to Didim marina about lunch time and were greeted with the same efficiency as before. Kevin and Dee messaged to say they planned a bbq for the afternoon and were on their way to collect us and so we popped into the cafe by the pontoon for a snack as we waited for them. Best laid plans etc, [...]

18 October 2018 | Yalikavac - 7,526 NM

Not exactly a fish but we caught something!

We started our day with a full English breakfast in Gumbet, when in tourist land and all that, and very good it was too. Then got the Dolmus in to Bodrum which wasn't really what we expected. It didn't feel like a tacky tourist town at all but had a very pleasant old town full of shops, some selling [...]

Turkey and it’s not even Christmas

14 October 2018 | Bodrum - 7,464 NM
Sunny and Calm
This part of the Turkish coast is stunning with a mountainous coast and lots of fjord like inlets. Most of them are too deep to anchor easily but Agil Koyu has a small beach at one end and so looked possible for lunch. It was stunning with no road access and surrounded by steep wooded hills. A restaurant had put a pontoon at one end for customers but we managed to anchor in 15m. Too deep for a night stop but fine for lunch and a swim. After we motored around to Bozburun in gusty/no wind around the hills. As we were only doing 9 miles we didn't try to sail! Bozburun is in another stunning fjord nestled under the hills. A truly beautiful setting but as we wound our way around the islands we could see forests of masts before us. How could it be so crowded!? But then we remembered Bozburun is where all the Turkish gullets are built - but so many?! There were hundreds of them. There was room for us in the little harbour which was too small for the gullets but it was right outside of the cafes and as there is a large anchorage outside - we opted for the peaceful option. It was a bit deep and so we opted for lines ashore which got very complicated as we dropped the anchor too soon, ran out of chain then couldn't get close enough to shore - everything that could go wrong did, not our finest mooring hour, but we got there in the end! Such a peaceful night.

The village of Bozburun is lovely too. Not too big or busy, a few nice shops, cafes around the quay and a 'real' village behind. We walked around the streets and found ourselves going uphill and out of town along the coast. The views of the bay were stunning. The road took us down into the next village which was smaller and didn't even have a coffee stop! On the way in we'd seen a huge boat yard and shed which is where we'd assumed the gullets were built but we were really surprised to see them being built in yards/back gardens in the village by hand and by just a couple of men. It was fascinating to see and can't imagine how long it takes! A lovely walk along the sea, eventually finding a coffee stop, took us back to Bozburun and a long lunch at Osman's Place. After a supermarket stop we headed back to Freya and a swim.

We managed to depart from Bozburun with more finesse than we'd arrived and headed for Kargi Koyu, a bay not far from Dat├ža. We're retracing our steps now, to go and visit Dee and Kevin. There was next to no wind but enough to slow us down and not enough to get us moving if we sailed and tacked. Very frustrating! It was a very pretty bay, very quiet and a good night. We spent another night under the ruins of Knidos enjoying another dinner in the restaurant and a drink after with our British neighbours.

We then motored (still no wind!) to Guembet which is the bay next to Bodrum. We struggled to set the anchor pulling up piles of weed but eventually got it to set securely on the 4th attempt by moving to a different part of the bay. We were in a different world watching the jet skis, parasailors and all manor of inflatable toys whizz around us - definitely not a quiet anchorage but interesting all the same. We then had a very peaceful few hours but what we were more worried about was the music from the clubs later! First we could hear music from the bars, not too bad at all, but then DJs started calling partygoers, oh dear, and the music got a bit louder - but amazingly that was it and we slept peacefully to the background beat, zzzzzz.

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