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Vessel Name: Freya of Wight
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanranger
Hailing Port: Portishead
09 November 2020 | Severn Beach, Bristol - 8,735 NM
08 November 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM
26 October 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM
20 October 2020 | Marathakampos - 20th October 2020 - 8,715NM
09 October 2020 | Limnos - 8,620 NM
30 September 2020 | Patmos - 8,602 NM
25 September 2020 | Evdhilos, Ikaria - 8,552 NM
13 September 2020 | Oinoussa - 8,491 NM
03 December 2019 | Bristol - 8,443 NM
05 November 2019 | Mytilini - 8,443 NM
18 October 2019 | Mytilini, Lesbos - 8,413 NM
11 October 2019 | Molyvos, Lesbos - 8,379 NM
04 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
02 October 2019 | Porto Lagos - 8,263 NM
22 September 2019 | Ormos Eleftheriou - 8,210NM
18 September 2019
18 September 2019 | Thassos - 8,190 NM
09 September 2019 | Marini, Lemnos - 8,123 NM
02 September 2019 | Sigri, Lesvos - 8,049 NM
21 May 2019
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09 November 2020 | Severn Beach, Bristol - 8,735 NM

2020 By the Numbers

Ninth year of cruising completed, this season was a lot shorter than normal because of Covid-19. This year's numbers are:

08 November 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM

The Earth Moved!

And then to Samos marina and the end of another sailing year. The marina is modern and well maintained but was clearly built to be more than just a marina. There are lots of shops but all empty as well as apartments and a pool. It gives it a feeling of desolation even though it’s all clean and tidy [...]

26 October 2020 | Samos Marina, Pythagorio - 8,735 NM


Although we were very close to the end of our sailing adventures this year we weren't ready to stop yet. The winds still wouldn't allow us to visit Agonothinisia and so we decided on a circumnavigation of Samos. We motored around the east of the island in zero wind where Greece and Turkey are only 1 [...]

20 October 2020 | Marathakampos - 20th October 2020 - 8,715NM

Island Hopping

We decided on another day in Lipsoi and planned to walk the length of the island. This may sound a long way and indeed did to us when planning it! We took a taxi to Porto Mosxato on the north coast. It was a very pretty bay with lots of colourful fishing boats. The first stage was a steep uphill walk [...]

09 October 2020 | Limnos - 8,620 NM

Taking it Easy

We enjoyed our anchorage in Meloyi so much we stayed another night. A very lazy day on board going ashore for a walk around the bay and surrounding hills in the afternoon and another fantastic full moon later. The following morning, after a long early morning swim, we moved around the corner to Skala [...]

30 September 2020 | Patmos - 8,602 NM

What’s in a Plan

Evdhilos is a fishing village on the north coast of Ikaria. It has a huge harbour wall for such a small place, almost hiding it from the sea, to stop the meltemi but it was very calm while we were there. We stayed 2 nights and really enjoyed exploring the steep village streets and views as well as the [...]

Wine Tours

18 September 2019 | Thassos - 8,190 NM
Lorraine Chapman | Hot and Calm
We spent a day in Myrinas in the spring and now we have chance to explore a bit more. We moored stern-to on the quay under the spectacular castle and although the quay is lined with bars it's very quiet once the evening perambulation has finished. We had quite a few chores to do - another attempt at repairing the dinghy, laundry (in a self service launderette!), shopping - all very exciting. We were very sociable having drinks with Steve on a tiny Westerly Tiger who came via the Danube - he stayed for dinner. We also had drinks with Americans Larry and Linda on their large cat - followed by dinner out. There is another British couple here, on holiday, but sailors in the UK who we chat to regularly. The old shaded shopping street is lovely to wander and there is also a beach for swimming. Unfortunately (or not) after a couple of days the wind and sea have picked up again and so we had to stay a bit longer.........

Larry and Linda had a friend visiting, Debbie and rented a car for a few days and we were invited to join them. Our tour started with wine tasting at the Chatzigeorgiou winery. We were surprised as we arrived that there were no vines on the estate, but were told the Muscat of Alexandria grape is grown in small vineyards all over Limnos and collected for the winery. It's a low growing vine - presumably well suited to the wind. With this knowledge we could then see small fields of them everywhere. We tasted several wines and of course bought a few bottles at a very reasonable price. Next was lunch in Moudros, which we loved when we stayed there earlier in the year. Steve had gone cycling and we found him 40 km away in Moudros and so he joined us before cycling back. We told the group about ruins near by that we'd tried to visit before but had been closed and so we tried again - and they were closed again!

The next morning we tried again - and it was open - third time lucky! The ruins of Poliochne date back to 3,700 years bc, over 5,000 years old and are claimed to be the oldest city in Europe with up to 1500 inhabitants. It was fascinating. The buildings were only foundation level but you could clearly see defensive walls, streets, houses, meeting rooms with benches and storerooms and could imagine life there. So much organisation so long ago! On our travels we passed the village with the stone wine vats in the ground which we stumbled upon in the spring and so had to share it as we knew they would be interested and then a petrified tree on the side of the road. We next found lunch in a small taverna in a village we passed through before heading for another winery. Unfortunately, after trying very hard, we couldn't find it! We kept passing signs for another which didn't have as good reviews but we thought deserved extra points for having directions but when we got there it was closed! Finally, we found a wine cooperative come warehouse- but that was also closed! The others had spotted what looked like a winery across the bay and so we stopped there but - it was closed! There is a church on a hill very close to it and so we went up there and enjoyed lovely views over Myrinas, the bay and the castle. We decided to head back to the boats and try tasting at the cooperative in the evening but when we arrived they weren't doing tasting this time of year! Back to town and supper by the harbour where Steve joined us.

The forecast was saying we could all leave on Sunday when the wind and sea subsided and so on Saturday we stocked up again ready to go. We went to the beach bumping into Linda and Debbie before we all drove to a lovely restaurant out of Myrinas where we had a lovely dinner with a blood moon rising over the sea. After coffee and goodbyes on Harmonia they set off but we received a text an hour later saying they had high winds and rough seas. An hour later another arrived saying it was worse - another night in Myrinas was looking good! But lunch time the following day we did manage to leave and motored to an anchorage on the north of the island in flat seas and light winds where we had the darkest night we've ever experienced at anchor. The stars we're very bright but the rocks seemed to close in around us as they disappeared - a bit spooky! It was a peaceful if a bit of a rolly night though. We left the anchorage early in the morning for a boring 41 mile motor to Thassos. The anchorage we chose didn't offer the shelter we were expecting as the wind was not from the forecast direction. It was also small and noisy and so we added 10 more miles and went around the east coast where we spent a very peaceful night in the large bay of Potimias.

For the Greek sailors amongst you, you might recognise the view of Myrina in the photo. It's on the front cover of the Hiekel pilot book, but he hasn't got Freya in his picture
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