Freycinet underway

At last we are underway and excited about the new adventures that are ahead of us. Hope this site helps our friends travel with us in spirit through the stories and photos.

03 January 2019 | Port Carmen, Cebu, Philippines
08 March 2017 | Coron, Descovery Island
02 January 2017 | Puerto Princesa
17 July 2015 | Samal Island, Davao.
30 April 2015
03 March 2015 | Puerto Galera
25 December 2014 | Brisbane
17 December 2012 | Chapel Hill
28 November 2012 | Subic Bay, Philippines
19 November 2012 | Philippines
22 October 2012 | Pandan Island
20 October 2012 | Tara Is, Philippines
06 September 2012 | Near Linapacan Island
01 August 2012 | Kudat
28 July 2012 | Sailing to Kudat
18 July 2012 | Redang
22 June 2012 | Pulau Kesil
11 June 2012 | Terengganu

Magnetic Island for Easter

19 April 2011 | Horseshoe bay
Well we finely left Mackay after a hectic week of final yacht jobs. Thanks to Mick Draper (if you are in Mackay and looking for a fantastic shipwright, ask for Mick) we were able to complete everything on schedule and departed on Monday 11th in fantastic conditions. The weather has been unusual in Mackay and most of Queensland for that matter but the sun was shining and the crew was happy.
First stop was Thomas Is in the southern end of the Whitsunday. James was straight into the fishing but to no avail so BBQ again. Thomas Is is a fantastic anchorage and well worth the time for a look around. Next day we headed past Hammo and onto Cid Harbour for an overnight stop. This is where you lose the feeling of being alone and start to mix it with the charter boats. We had the opportunity to swim and paddle the kayak and just relax. Things were starting to wind down now at last.
Wednesday 13th a brisk sail to Arlie where we had to spend a couple of days finalising the financial side of things. These were two long and hectic days and by Saturday morning we were Airlied out. After a coffee and a catch up with our friends and marina neighbours from Mackay, Sam and James, we set sail for Monties about 20nm north. We were all settled in for the night and dropped over to the bar to watch the sunset. It was great and the first we had seen for a while. We were about to re4tun to the dingy when Sam and James appeared from the bar to surprise us with a visit. We all returned to Freycinet and had a great night of stories and plans. James and Sam are heading to Indonesia on their yacht Kelolo. They will be in Darwin around early July, a little latter than us. They are also heading along the spice route through Banda and Ambon.
After a good nights sleep and a fine breakfast , Sam and James headed back to Mackay to continue the prep work for the trip. We are having a lay day at Monties and planning to sail to Cape Upstart or maybe all the way through to Magnetic Island and Townsville on Monday. We are planning to stay in Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic until after Easter when we hope to meet up with our friends Ros and Gote on Veedon Fleece. We will then make way to Cairns to catch up with Jamie and Dawn White on Azzan.
That's all for now, we will be regularly update the blog from now on in so stay tuned.
Daryl, Cal and James.
Vessel Name: Freycinet
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: Brisbane
Crew: Daryl Calvert
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