Yacht Fujin

This is a blog of Yacht Fujin's trip from Uraga, Japan to Phuket, Thailand in early 2012.

21 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
20 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
19 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
18 February 2012 | 6 46.24'N:099 38.22'E, 15 miles or so north of Langkawi
16 February 2012 | 6 04.917'N:099 54.141'E, 13 miles south of Kuak, Langkawi
15 February 2012 | 2 49.094'N:101 8.416'E, 8 miles WSW of Port Klang
14 February 2012 | 1 26.9'N:103 12.9'E, 2.3m west of Pulau Pisang
13 February 2012 | Keppel Bay Marina
12 February 2012 | Keppel Bay Marina
11 February 2012 | 45 miles from Sister Island Immigration
10 February 2012 | 200 miles from Singapore
09 February 2012 | 140 nm NE of Kuching, Malaysia
08 February 2012 | South China Sea
07 February 2012 | 50 miles NW of Miri, East Malaysia
06 February 2012 | Off the coast of Brunei
05 February 2012 | Royal Brunei Yacht Club
04 February 2012 | Muara, Brunei
04 February 2012 | Labuan, Malaysia
03 February 2012 | 70nm north of Kota Kinabalu
02 February 2012 | 40nm NW of Rizal, southern end of Palawan

Next Stop Singapore

06 February 2012 | Off the coast of Brunei
I was able to reach Ivan on his mobile phone today around 14:30 as he was leaving Muara harbour on the start of the leg to Singapore. They completed all the clearance procedures in the morning - all fine other than a small problem to do with a missed stamp on the way in.

They have about 10 knots of wind on the beam, so they will need to use the engine on low revs to maintain an average of 5 knots.

The plan now is to stand at least 12 nm offshore in order to avoid Indonesian territorial waters. This is necessary since the Indonesian authorities require yachts to have a special permit to sail in their waters and if you don't have one, you are liable to having your yacht impounded - which we definitely don't want!

Fujin's crew will be keeping a keen eye out for the oil rigs over the next 24 hours - they are generally well lit but there is some boat traffic to and from the shore which might not be so obvious.

The run down to Singapore is around 700nm or 140 hours (6 days) at 5 knots. This means that they should arrive in Singapore on Sunday morning sometime. With a bit of luck, they will make a bit better than 5 knots and arrive early on Sunday so that they have the full day to do food, water and fuel. Then Monday for paperwork before leaving later Monday or Tuesday morning. So Phuket by Sunday 19th or Monday 20th looks good.
Vessel Name: Fujin
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 43 DS
Hailing Port: Gibraltar. En route now from Uraga Japan to Phuket Thailand.
Crew: Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Extra: "Fujin" is the Japanese God of Wind. The name is composed of two Chinese characters - "Fu" meaning wind and "Jin" meaning god. If you swap the order of the characters, you don't pronouce it "jinfu" - instead it is pronouced "kamikaze" or divine wind....
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Yacht Fujin

Who: Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Port: Gibraltar. En route now from Uraga Japan to Phuket Thailand.