Yacht Fujin

This is a blog of Yacht Fujin's trip from Uraga, Japan to Phuket, Thailand in early 2012.

21 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
20 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
19 February 2012 | Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket
18 February 2012 | 6 46.24'N:099 38.22'E, 15 miles or so north of Langkawi
16 February 2012 | 6 04.917'N:099 54.141'E, 13 miles south of Kuak, Langkawi
15 February 2012 | 2 49.094'N:101 8.416'E, 8 miles WSW of Port Klang
14 February 2012 | 1 26.9'N:103 12.9'E, 2.3m west of Pulau Pisang
13 February 2012 | Keppel Bay Marina
12 February 2012 | Keppel Bay Marina
11 February 2012 | 45 miles from Sister Island Immigration
10 February 2012 | 200 miles from Singapore
09 February 2012 | 140 nm NE of Kuching, Malaysia
08 February 2012 | South China Sea
07 February 2012 | 50 miles NW of Miri, East Malaysia
06 February 2012 | Off the coast of Brunei
05 February 2012 | Royal Brunei Yacht Club
04 February 2012 | Muara, Brunei
04 February 2012 | Labuan, Malaysia
03 February 2012 | 70nm north of Kota Kinabalu
02 February 2012 | 40nm NW of Rizal, southern end of Palawan

All sorts of weather...

16 February 2012 | 6 04.917'N:099 54.141'E, 13 miles south of Kuak, Langkawi
We are now motor sailing into Langkawi and should moor up at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in about 3 hours. The sun is shining but there is little wind....

We've had all sorts of weather the last 2 days. Wednesday night, I came on watch at midnight. We had just been zigzagging around lots of nets near One Fathom Bank, a notorious stretch of water in bad weather, with shallows and sand waves on the bottom to make things interesting. A squall came in shortly after I went on watch with winds kicking up to 47 knots in minutes and torrential rain. We just had time to take down most sail (to 3 reefs in the main and no genoa) and to don foulies. Quite an experience cork screwing around - my first fully fledged tropical squall and Ivan tells me it was a big one - needless to say it was an interesting night, trying to keep away from the worst of it using radar. Lots of lightening as well!

To add insult to injury, we have run out of cooking gas so Geo baked his bread in the microwave, which promptly blew a fuse - but fortunately after the loaf was more or less done.

Thursday was much more benign and the picture above was taken in the late afternoon as we went for a swim/fender bash... And Thurs was shower day too - good to feel clean again!

We will overnight at Langkawi and hopefully refill our 2 gas bottles before heading off to Phuket tomorrow late morning - more tomorrow some time!

Ivan and GEO are now transferring fuel from the reserve cans on deck into the main tanks which are 3/4 empty - we'll have a full load after that.
Vessel Name: Fujin
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 43 DS
Hailing Port: Gibraltar. En route now from Uraga Japan to Phuket Thailand.
Crew: Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Extra: "Fujin" is the Japanese God of Wind. The name is composed of two Chinese characters - "Fu" meaning wind and "Jin" meaning god. If you swap the order of the characters, you don't pronouce it "jinfu" - instead it is pronouced "kamikaze" or divine wind....
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Sailing from Singapore to Phuket, via Langkawi in February 2012
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Yacht Fujin

Who: Stuart & Elizabeth Milne
Port: Gibraltar. En route now from Uraga Japan to Phuket Thailand.