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Global Yacht Deliveries: Available for delivering all kinds of motor and sail boats worldwide. Come sail away with me to explore new horizons from Cape Town to Belize in Central America - A journey of 8500Miles!

31 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
24 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
20 December 2010 | Royal Jamaican Yacht Club
16 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
09 December 2010 | St Vincent
08 December 2010 | St Vincent
05 December 2010 | North Atlantic Ocean
28 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
24 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
22 November 2010 | Brazil, South America
17 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
15 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
14 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
13 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
08 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
06 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
03 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
01 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
30 October 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
23 October 2010 | Cape Town, South Africa

Meet The Crew

23 October 2010 | Cape Town, South Africa
Vince, Chris and Kyle

When searching for crew to do an ocean crossing, one is forced into the unknown as you get emails and phone calls from aspiring new sailors who have just completed a sailing course or some who have heard about the pleasures of ocean sailing and want to explore that avenue. When faced with these awkward questions over the phone I simply tell them to send their C.V. together with the reasons for wanting to do the trip. Then when it comes to selecting the crew, I look at where they are coming from as many think it is 'a walk in the park'.

From previous experience I have found that taking inexperienced crew has it's pros and cons. One of the pros is that I am able to train Newbies to my way of sailing which also avoids hassles and confusion as a schooled crew want to do it the schools way which is sometimes not the best method.

The crew which I have selected for this trip is a new friend which I had the pleasure of meeting last February whilst I was preparing for the Italian Trip. He was in the process of purchasing a Leopard 46 and wanted to see this beautiful boat on the water. The sales lady called and asked if I minded a family coming down to see the yacht which was being loaded with our provisions. So my first mate is Chris Crews (surname for real) who is married to Lynn and they have two sons. The Crews hail from Perth, Australia and are ex South Africans living there for the past 11 years. The Crews are importers and distributors of Environ Cosmetics which are made in Cape Town. Chris has very little sailing experience but has done some sailing courses in Australia and sailed in Table Bay, Cape Town on mono-hulls. Chris is only 57 years young and wants to learn how to sail his Leopard 46.

The second crew member is Kyle Courney and comes from Richards Bay where I am formerly from. I know Kyle's dad who asked me if his son could join me on a trip as he was fed up with his job as a barman at one of the waterfront pubs. I met up with Kyle whilst I was working on Russell Chard's boat and suggested that he first get some sailing experience and pointed him in the direction of my friend Guy Goes who does sail training of scholars on his Fast 42 racing yacht. Kyle is 22 years young and plans to pursue a sailing career.

More pics of our departure are in the Photo Gallery

Vessel Name: Delivery Skipper
Vessel Make/Model: 140ft Monohull
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: My carefully chosen experienced crew are keen fishermen wanting to explore new oceans and catch a variety of fish species and have good clean fun...
I deliver motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, commercial, sport fishing yachts, and power boats, offshore, coastal and worldwide. I am a full service yacht delivery captain. I have a extensive knowledge of the boating industry having sailed and worked on yachts and boats all over the [...]

Vince Fundaro (Fundi) +27 (79) 9296033

Port: Cape Town, South Africa
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