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Global Yacht Deliveries: Available for delivering all kinds of motor and sail boats worldwide. Come sail away with me to explore new horizons from Cape Town to Belize in Central America - A journey of 8500Miles!

31 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
24 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
20 December 2010 | Royal Jamaican Yacht Club
16 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
09 December 2010 | St Vincent
08 December 2010 | St Vincent
05 December 2010 | North Atlantic Ocean
28 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
24 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
22 November 2010 | Brazil, South America
17 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
15 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
14 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
13 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
08 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
06 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
03 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
01 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
30 October 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
23 October 2010 | Cape Town, South Africa


22 November 2010 | Brazil, South America
Marina Park Hotel Marina

This was the first time all on board had been to Brazil, South America. We arrived at the Marina Park Hotel marina in Fortaleza at 10am on Friday morning and did the necessary paraphernalia. After completing all the paperwork, our first job ashore was to get the required 420lt of diesel we needed from the fuel station which is a 500 meter walk from the marina. We had to fill our 16 drums and carry them by hand back to the yacht, in hot and humid temperatures. On finishing that particular job we treated ourselves to a well earned cool down and ran for the beautiful pool in the hotel within the marina complex.

Saturday was spent driving around to find the required oil filters we needed and some provisioning before going back to the yacht and servicing the engine and carrying out other maintenance checks for the next leg. Moored alongside us at the marina was a Brazilian named John, a yachtie who had taken time out from a business trip to prepare his yacht for a voyage to the Caribbean. A BBQ was planned for Saturday evening and John brought along a huge amount of Argentinian beef. All the yachties were invited to partake in the festivities and bring snacks and drinks. Our contribution included meat from our freezer which we defrosted and marinated. Also, a fresh hot loaf of garlic bread was baked to compliment our delicious fresh salads.

There was quite a cross section of nationalities there, Japanese, French, Yugoslavian, German, Maltese, Brazilian and the good ole Saffers from SA. The evening was enjoyed by all under clear skies and a beautiful full moon. We retired early as were were departing early the next morning and didn't want to be 'under the weather'. Most of the other yachts are departing in a flotilla on the 25th November and heading first to Tobago and then other Carribean destinations.

When we departed on Sunday morning following a hearty breakfast at the Marina Park Hotel, there was cheering a well wishes from the other sailors on the dock.

More pics of our voyage are in the Photo Gallery
Vince and Crew
Vessel Name: Delivery Skipper
Vessel Make/Model: 140ft Monohull
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: My carefully chosen experienced crew are keen fishermen wanting to explore new oceans and catch a variety of fish species and have good clean fun...
I deliver motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, commercial, sport fishing yachts, and power boats, offshore, coastal and worldwide. I am a full service yacht delivery captain. I have a extensive knowledge of the boating industry having sailed and worked on yachts and boats all over the [...]

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Port: Cape Town, South Africa
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