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31 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
24 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
20 December 2010 | Royal Jamaican Yacht Club
16 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
09 December 2010 | St Vincent
08 December 2010 | St Vincent
05 December 2010 | North Atlantic Ocean
28 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
24 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
22 November 2010 | Brazil, South America
17 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
15 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
14 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
13 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
08 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
06 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
03 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
01 November 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
30 October 2010 | South Atlantic Ocean
23 October 2010 | Cape Town, South Africa

Jamaican Patois

20 December 2010 | Royal Jamaican Yacht Club
16 December 2010

When we arrived at the Royal Jamaican Yacht club, our friendly Jamaican neighbour Peter Wright, who allowed us to tie up alongside his smaller yacht, said he was going into town and would give us a lift and as he was leaving in about twenty minutes. Well, there is no rush in Jamaica as it took the officials four hours to come and clear us in and Peter was still waiting patiently at the bar, as there's such good rum to be had in Jamaica the home of rums!!!

Being our first time to Jamaica, it is very difficult to understand the locals at times. Although the Queen's English is taught at the schools and many locals are grammar and spelling wizards, the presence of the local slang 'patois' plays an important part in daily life.

Although Jamaica is an English speaking Island, the Island's history is a melting pot of foreign cultures which also extends to it's unique native language. Called Jamaican Creole by linguists, Jamaican Patois is an English-lexified creole language with west African influences spoken primarily in Jamaica. The origin of the language traces back to the days of slavery, when captives who had been brought to the island from west and central Africa to work on the sugar plantations learned to speak English from their British, Scottish and Irish slave masters. The mixture of their African native tongues and a simplified English resulted in a blend of languages commonly known as Patois: a French term without a precise linguist definition. However the most essential patois of all time is the phrase "soon come" as you will quickly realise this widely used term bears no reference to swiftness. Be prepared to wait hours or more likely days for the person who told you he would soon come. A more accurate translation would be ...I'll get there when I get there!! The Jamaicans are very friendly and hospitable people and always go the extra mile to make your stay a memorable one.... which I can personally vouch for.

Vince and Peter

All well on board
Vince and crew

Vessel Name: Delivery Skipper
Vessel Make/Model: 140ft Monohull
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: My carefully chosen experienced crew are keen fishermen wanting to explore new oceans and catch a variety of fish species and have good clean fun...
I deliver motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, commercial, sport fishing yachts, and power boats, offshore, coastal and worldwide. I am a full service yacht delivery captain. I have a extensive knowledge of the boating industry having sailed and worked on yachts and boats all over the [...]

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Port: Cape Town, South Africa
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