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31 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
24 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea
20 December 2010 | Royal Jamaican Yacht Club
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09 December 2010 | St Vincent
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28 November 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
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23 October 2010 | Cape Town, South Africa

Roatan Scuba Diving

31 December 2010 | Caribbean Sea

Diving prep

Early in the morning of Friday 17th December we arrived at another wonderful Island called Roatan which is situated off the coast of Honduras. Roatan has some of the most stunning underwater vistas you will find on the world's second largest Coral Reef. We had been invited to stay for the weekend as I have a friend there who runs a dive centre offering various diving and fishing facilities.

Diver's Descent

Wow... what a beautiful place to stop! Our hosts treated us royally by sending a boat to guide us through the coral reef. After making all the safety checks we anchored to their buoy. When we swam ashore we realised why they didn't come out to pick us up....they were preparing to go out for a dive and invited us to tag along at only $20 per dive which is relatively inexpensive. We had a wonderful dive at 'Two Crabs' and then returned to the yacht for a hearty pasta dish and some cold ones....geee life couldn't get any better!!!! In the afternoon we went to the pub and tried unsuccessfully to connect to the internet while throwing down some more cold ones. Following a delicious dinner in a local resaurant, an early night was in order as we were booked for an early dive the following morning.

On Saturday, I was up early as usual doing the chores and explored the local area paddling the canoe, which is our tender. I checked out the shallow reef for any stray crayfish but found nothing. The waters seem to be fished out as there were no little fish around either. When we assembled for the dive prep I was offered a free dive in return for skippering the dive boat as their captain was running a little late. Together with nine other divers, we had another fantastic dive at 'Diamond Head' which included a deep dive to 105ft allowing us to explore beautiful coral and a huge king crab.

Sunset Cruise

Later in the morning whilst strolling around ashore, we met and made friends with a couple, Paul and Charlene, who hail from Alaska and spend summers in their beach house here. We invited them to accompany us on our sunset cruise which had earlier been arranged for 16h00 after our last dive. We had an exciting cruise as we had to navigate cautiously through the coral heads. Dinner consisted of a 'Braai' starting with dorado snacks from the freezer which were cooked while we prepared and barbecued all our remaining chicken packs. We finished with tinned fruit for dessert. A wonderful meal and evening was enjoyed by everyone.

Dinner Party

Sunday morning we cleaned up and prepared the yacht before going to say farewell and having a light breakfast. It was such an awesome weekend we wanted to stay another day or two but had to leave for the final leg of the trip to Placentia in Belize.

Vince and crew
Vessel Name: Delivery Skipper
Vessel Make/Model: 140ft Monohull
Hailing Port: Cape Town, South Africa
About: My carefully chosen experienced crew are keen fishermen wanting to explore new oceans and catch a variety of fish species and have good clean fun...
I deliver motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, commercial, sport fishing yachts, and power boats, offshore, coastal and worldwide. I am a full service yacht delivery captain. I have a extensive knowledge of the boating industry having sailed and worked on yachts and boats all over the [...]

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Port: Cape Town, South Africa
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