This IS retirement

27 November 2015 | Marina Fonatur Mazatlan
01 November 2015 | Guaymas/Fonatur Marina
30 April 2015 | La Paz City of Peace
14 April 2015 | La Cruz De Huanacaxtle
26 March 2015 | La Culebra, Colima....laguna
03 March 2015 | La Culebra, Colomilla, Isla Grande
08 February 2015 | Santiago/Manzanillo
07 January 2015 | Punta Mita
27 December 2014 | Rancho Cordova, Ca
14 December 2014 | Guaymas, Sonora, Mx.
04 December 2014 | Marina Seca Guaymas
22 November 2014 | Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
16 November 2014 | Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
03 May 2014 | Loreto, BCS, Mexico
21 April 2014 | Virtual marina La Paz
02 April 2014 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle/P.V.
18 March 2014 | Barra De Navidad/Colimilla
24 February 2014 | Colimilla/La Culebra/Isla Grande
18 February 2014 | Santiago/Manzanillo
28 January 2014 | La Paz City of Peace

A boring cruisers existance!

08 February 2015 | Santiago/Manzanillo
Gabriellas Gpa
Oh where do I start? I left Punta Mita on the best weather window there was without waiting for another or two weeks. Rounded Cabo Corrientes in good weather and motorsailed most of the way doing an overnighter to Barra De Navidad. Pulled into the laguna and found my favorite anchoring spot is being homesteaded by a couple of non-movers and two other boats that aren't occupied. It looks like the liveaboard community I left back in San Diego. So I went to my other favorite spot back behind the shallows and away from all the other boats. The sad thing about being out in the boondocks is that the water taxi won't go over there to pick me up, so I have to dinghy everywhere I go. That turned out to be kinda crappy the night of the Super Bowl. I took my dinghy over to the beach at Restaurant Mary's and then the taxi into town to watch the Super Bowl. I thought if was going to rain it would be just a drizzle....boy was I wrong. About halftime it started to pour and at thend of the game it was still pouring. So I took the water taxi back to Mary's and walked down the beach to a dinghy full of water and pulled the plug to drain it. Then launched it in the pouring rain and zipped across the lagoon in the dark to Mannasea. I was soaking wet and I crawled into a leaky boat to find a dry spot. I met up with Yoana (my translator) and gave her long awaited goody bag from her sister who lives in Modesto. I also gave Maria, Yoana's mom the clothes, shoes, and stuffed animals that Gabriella so graciously let go. Yoana's mom has the pulse of the all the surrounding towns because she sells new clothes out of her van. So last year and this year she gave the donated stuff to the people she thinks are the most needy and she really enjoys doing so. She tells me of the recipients and asks my opinion and then lets me know the response. I have a waitress come up to me and shows me a picture of her child with one of the stuffed animals. I have other people in the community yell out to me " muchas gracias por la ropa, Felipe". Needless to say, it melts my heart. So Thank You Gabriella for your gracious giving. You put a lot of smiles on some kids faces. I had a Skype session between the kids in the 7th grade here in the Secunderia Escuela and Gabriella's class in Rancho Cordova. This is the first time that they were all the same age/grade. I thought I lost my banda ancha modem (wifi usb modem) at the school. So I sailed down to Santiago for a few days and pick up a new modem at the Telcel office in Manzanillo. After I signed up and bought another sim card I went back to the boat and was unloading my backpack...and there was two modens in I bought one I didn't need but will use the gigabytes purchased. When I have these Skype sessions, I have to take a load of stuff like my 24" tv, HDMI cable, power cable, remote control, laptop, power supply, external antenna, banda ancha, and of course the cookies I baked that morning so they can have cookies and milk for putting up with me. On top of that, I have beach the dinghy with all that stuff and walk up three steep blocks to the school. No mas. So all I do is go into town and take buses to neighboring towns to people watch, have delicious almond croissants from the French baker, eat delicious dorado dinners, have ice cream cones often, watch sailboats run aground in the lagoon, and go help said sailboats get off the sand bars. I know all this sounds boring, but who of you would volunteer to do it?
Vessel Name: Mannasea
Vessel Make/Model: Piver 36AA Trimaran
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Grumpy grandpa/Phil Perkins
About: After spending the most wonderful 5 years of my life with my grandaughter Gabriella, it's my turn to go cruising. I'll keep going as long as it's fun and if I can get rid of this nagging feeling of returning to my grandaughter..
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My departure from Rio Vista to Mexico
Gabriella knows I
Her famous neck tugs.
Tenacatita cruise
Mom and sister
Tenacatita gang
too much Dramamine and sun
Dad..a lobster fisherman
reglassing crushed ama
reglassing the strut area
Port steering pulley
Starboard side steering pulley that fell off
Dr. Lilian and sister Sofia
Dr. Lilian and Manuel she really enjoying the trip?
Dr. Lilian and Manuel
My precious...........
Barbara (second from left) and Tom (tall). My friends from Hooligan enjoying the Christmas feast.
A typical Christmas scene you can find anywhere in the world...right?    Sands hotel pool and bar area where we had our Christmas feast.
Vendor on the malecon in Barra.
Vendor on Malecon selling papaya, pineapple, and cocnuts.
The beginning of refurbishing the chairs and tables.
The rusty and dirty fan that jumped out and cut my fingers.
Put these colors up against the gringo colors that I applied....big differrence.
Before...boys banos.
My Christmas dinner plate. Susan, I made apple pie and the cruisers would not believe that I actually made it from scratch......Delicious.
Old colors...starting of the prep.
Media room
Mannasea as seen from the school. Anchored in front of the Isla in the Barra lagoon.
School entrance painted 2 years ago...nice lettering, eh?
Before and after
Before and after....most of the chairs had the watermelon paint.
Main classroom....bookshelf.
This is what most of the walls looked like before painting.
Tom putting the bookshelf slats back on after painting in the squares.
Jim putting on one of three coats of polyurethane after the maple stain.
The master culprit who disrupted the tranquility of cruisers in the lagoon.
Rob suffering through the alklyd paint application in the banos.
After....note the scaffolding to the left of the put an extension ladder on top of that!
All the masking and paint still got through
Sanford and son
At the fuel dock minus the mast
Ready to ease into the water
Looks like a monster
Semana Santa revellers
Their favorite beach cover each other in sand.
Even the dogs get into the act.
My lonely boat.
No pooping sign on a gringos newly purchased property.
Chacal...Semanaaaa Santaaaa.
Kindergarten building
Looking down from basketball court
Ocean mural by Mario Tellos
The entire 1st thru 6th grades.
The mural done by Mario Tellos
The kindergarten class with art work by Mario Tellos.
The kindergarten banos.
This is my heart medicine...climbing to take these pics.
I love these vistas.
Tucked in behind the sandspit.
The dark spot due north of my boat is a sunken 40ft sailboat.
Mexicans were camping out on the beach celebrating Semana Santa.
I love the water colors. The yacht in the background is Besame with lovely Merry onboard.
The clarity of the water just isn
I will have to do a better job of underwater Photography
This is what the whales and dolphins get to see. They all know my granddaughter now.
Iguanas on Isla Isabella
Blue-footed Boobys on Isla Isabella
The fish camp on Isla Isabella
The 2 classrooms at the Colimilla school.
The computer room at Colimilla school.
I love looking down on the boat from up high.
This is half way up to the top.
Just above the pool area.
From the Paradise restaurant where the food is great and the view is better.
From another restaurant where the prices are through the roof.
Looking up to the Paradise restaurant from the beach palapas.
Just coming up from a dive.
I was disappointed in the clarity of the water around Isla Grande.
These are just a few of the hundreds of fish that were seeking protection from birds under my boat.
This Iguana lives with the Crocodiles.
Egads!!!!! Cocodrillos..............
Nice fat croc.
The start of Zihua Sailfest.
Princess and Grandpa on the front porch.
Gabriellas snow person.
My work attire doesn
Air conditioned bus in Mexico.
This is my view from the palapa.
Guacamole and chips with a double coca light to wash it down.
Yawn....another sunset in Paradise.
Looking at Chacala from the boat.
The boat from the dinghy landing.
The boat from the Port Captains office.
The boat from the beach.
I decided to do a little remodeling while doing my once in 10 year cleaning.
Sunrise coming into Mazatlan
Look at water temperature....And to think I can
This squid thought it could sun on my deck....I think he got cooked!
Sitting peacefully in La Paz
Beautiful sunrise as entering the La Paz bay.
Cruiseship Ryndam at dock in Guaymas.
Added some blanco(white) pigment to the bottom paint and presto..G
I tried to duplicate Gabriellas stick figure drawing.
My new hulls...white white. New graphics.
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