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28 April 2012 | GreenIsland, Anitgua
Charm III finished the Regatta taking 2nd place in their class and received the Spirit of Tradition Award due to their late night hours replacing the bowsprit from their Day 2 collision. Congratulations!
We left Falmouth Weds morning and had a pleasant sail up to Jolly Harbor for the night. Most people drive to the grocery store, we sailed. Provisioning for the next two weeks is complete. Well, maybe we will pick up a few things along the way. I would like to advise anyone headed there – drop anchor vs a mooring ball as the mosquitos were not enjoyable.

Thursday morning we had a quickie internet opportunity and not sure when we will again so these words may be days earlier. The fuel dock/marina offered free Google services – Thank you for gmail!
Once leaving the fuel dock we headed south to the south eastern part of Antigua – Green Island. Along the way the fishing line was out and Stephen reeled in a tuna not worth keeping so it was thrown back in to live another day. Once we turned the corner of Anitgua it was sailing dead into the wind as well as seas hence Captain Jim engaged the “iron jenny”. Moving right along another bite on the line. Both guys jumped back there where Stephen took over (I pulled back on the throttle but evidently to much.!?) and reeled in our first Wahoo! Not being a big fish eating person it was the best of the three kinds we have caught. We had enough to share with the boat next door and a dinner for three in the freezer.

We are sitting on a mooring ball where the only thing that separates us from the Atlantic Ocean is a reef. Very similar to the Tobago Cays except this location only has about 20 boats and is filled with kite surfers. There are anywhere from 2-8 flying most of the day.
The night time/morning rain washed off the much accumulated salt we received on our beat here and today’s snorkel was enjoyable. Stephen spotted a rather large crab and of course spent some time coaxing him out of his hole. All pics in Green Island gallery are by him (or me taking them of him) – he is becoming quite the photographer.

Saturday morning we will depart this beautiful sunrise location back to Falmouth to check out and on to Monserrat – the volcano island and inspiration for Jimmy Buffet’s so named song.
Vessel Name: MyDeere
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 46
Hailing Port: Edenton, NC
Crew: Jim & Deanna Chesson
Jim is the Captain of MyDeere and ready to embark on this first stage of living his dream of sailing around the world. Deanna, galley wench, is on board to provide nourishment, keep order and make sure Stephen fulfills his academic duties. [...]
Extra: We look forward to cruising the Caribbean for the next few months. Counting on each other in regards to maintaining the boat, overnight sails and exploring our surroundings; Trying new foods and learning to cook in a smaller space with limited ingredients; Whatever else life puts in our way!
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Pictures of underwater world are all done by Jim either on a snorkel or his 2 tank dive.
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