Back on the Water

01 August 2019 | Viani Bay and Taviuni Island
12 June 2019 | Marsden Cove
04 June 2019

McElligot’s Pool

01 August 2019 | Viani Bay and Taviuni Island
Craig Wiese
Bula from Fiji. Yes, we have arrived and are well. More about our passage in a bit. For now, we wanted to share with you some of what we have seen in the past couple of weeks.

We did a few scuba dives that were too deep for our camera, but we were not let down by the world famous Rainbow Reef. At Jerry’s Jelly, these are a few things that we spotted...

Garden eel
*Blue ribbon eel
Glittering pipefish
Titan triggerfish
Clown triggerfish
Spotted boxfish
*Leaf scorpionfish, yellow variety
Oriental sweetlips
Twotone dartfish

Sorry we can’t provide pictures, but just the names of some of the critters should help you paint a picture in your head. Google the leaf scorpionfish or blue ribbon eel, if you really want to be blown away as we were.

We also dove on the Great White Wall at a perfect time when the soft corals were feeding. This is another spectacular site, if you google it.

We left the starting gate

12 June 2019 | Marsden Cove
Craig Wiese
It’s official; we have untied from the dock and are spending the night at anchor before meeting with a New Zealand Customs agent tomorrow to clear out of the country and start our journey Fiji. We plan on stopping in Minerva Reef along the way to break the trip up.

If you want to track our location, here is a link:

As many of you know, it has been many years since we have been out in the open water sailing. As you can imagine, technology has advanced. Therefore, we are slowly getting back up to speed. We now have an Iridium Go satellite system which we use with a standard cell phone. This is how we will hopefully be able to keep you updated with our progress while we are underway.

Thanks to friends we met in while sailing in Mexico in 2009 who caught us just after we left the dock in Whangarei. Like us, Evergreen sailed to New Zealand and stayed to work for a bit.

Watch this space

04 June 2019
Craig Wiese
Hope you are sitting down as GatoGo is getting ready to start sailing again. We are planning on heading up to Fiji after being in New Zealand for the past 7 years. We are currently watching weather and will hopefully be able to depart in the next week.
Vessel Name: GatoGo
Vessel Make/Model: Kennex 445
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: Craig and Bruce
Extra: We left California in 2009 and spent 2 1/2 years cruising Mexico before crossing the Pacific in 2012. We have been living in New Zealand since 2013 and are excited to get back on the water and start cruising again.
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