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21 March 2018 | Hiva Oa
19 March 2018 | Hiva Oa - Atuona
15 March 2018 | South Pacific
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12 March 2018 | South Pacific
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Hiva Oa

21 March 2018 | Hiva Oa
Here I sit at an internet cafe made from a cargo container high on a hill overlooking part of the harbor city Atuona on Hiva Oa. Just saw a sign stating they open at 8:30 am so I'll have to wait a bit for internet password. Yesterday morning I moved off the boat (until April 2nd) into a penison de familie (B&B style home) with Joseph and Simone. For $50 per day they include a bed and family shared WC, breakfast of juice, coffee, fresh fruit, cheese and bread, butter and jams. Also, they provide dinner, here's where I got lucky as Joseph is the cook at the best restaurant around, the "Pearl". Last night he cooked this pork and cabbage dish, with rice, bread and salad. (delish) A couple nights ago, at the $35 dinner sponsored by the ARC at the Pearl, Joseph remembered me as we talked awhile at the buffet line. The "Pearl" had bongo drummers and dancers. I heard from a fellow boater, that the music they were playing was very popular 500 years ago, and it still tells tales the same story. If my translation is correct, it was about the arrival of the white man, having everyone look up towards heaven, while the earth was taken from under their feet. The guys were doing a bunch of grunting, while the girls rocked their belly dancing. Great entertainment and the pawns, goat meat and poke were outstanding.

This island has some tiki's statues that are a couple hours’ drive away and smaller ones nearby, haven't decided if I'll do a half or the full tour today. I was able to move my flight to Nuka Hiva from Sunday to Thursday, so I'm hoping Nuka Hiva has more to offer. At least it's more expensive as pension will be $78 per night with breakfast, however I'm sure they won't have the chickens and goats that Simone has. I thought roosters only crowed at sunrise, these are bellowing all day and quite at night.

The village at Hiva Oa, has no traffic lights, in fact I haven't even seen a stop sign. There are there markets, all-inclusive food, clothes and hardware, a post office, tourist booth and a art gallery of the French painter Paul Gauguin, whom left Paris and lived his remaining years on Hiva Oa, in solitude. I would of believed that in solitude, until I was walking around on the grounds where his home and found this sign..."Maison du Jouir - House of Pleasure" on a small building next to his house and well.

Ok now it's 8:45 and no Sandra yet. I'll sit and enjoy the sound of waves to my back and watch the grass grow on the hill side. Wait another ARC sailboat is leaving. Most are headed south to Fuka Hiva, to "Virgin Bay". I got my days confused or I would have taken the Island Shuttle Boat their yesterday, but then I would not have had a chance to meet Joseph and Simone.
Sandra is here – I’m online once again….

Land Ho...

19 March 2018 | Hiva Oa - Atuona
We arrived in Hiva Oa 4 pm Hawaii time, closer to 9pm our cruise time. So this morning waking up at 7 am it was still dark and understandable as it was 3 am local time. 18 1/2 days to go 2980 nm, as a bird would fly, so we put on a few extra miles avoiding weather and limping with one rudder.

I'll post pictures tomorrow....

Sunny days are here again

15 March 2018 | South Pacific
Two beautiful sunny days mid 80's nice breeze, true wind spend 15-18 knots, with apparent wind speeds 6-9 knots. Dress code (even in overcast) has been shorts, with or without tee shirts. Evenings shorts or a thin warm-up pants have worked (low 80's, with chill factor low 80's) (still no icebergs), stars are still a hit and miss, with tonight looking promising. We saw some thunder shower with lightening 20 plus miles north of us and a strip of clouds south of us running east-west giving us some winds gusts up to 21 knots, but no squalls for today and only 2 - 4 last night.

Plenty of sun screen even with our covered out door patio. We're now less than 500 miles and if we continue to have vmg (velocity made good) of 5.5 under motor and 8 knots with sails we should be standing on ground by Tuesday. (some are hoping for Monday). We sailed for 24 hours with the parasail and made good tie, then around 3pm today we took it down as it was putting strain on our remaining rudder, plus carrying us 10 degrees of course. Tomorrow afternoon we re expecting a wind and sea direction shift a little north of West between 80 and 88 degrees which will allow us to fly the parasail and make a slight southerly turn. Hiva Oa lies around 9 degrees, 45 minutes and we are just north of that.

What a difference a day makes

12 March 2018 | South Pacific
This morning the sun was out and winds had dropped below 17 knots. We lowered the jenny and repaired the tear after which we unfurled her to the 1st reef mark to see if we could fly her (the head sail/jib) without putting much pressure on our remaining rudder. Much to our pleasure we were able to sail without much rudder pressure and only a couple of degrees off our rum line. As I head to bed we are less than 900 miles from the Marquese Islands. Tomorrow we will attempt to fly the parasail (kite). If successful, we should be able to increase our speed. One additional, note, we are dragging a 10 ft chain (30 lbs) at the end of a 20 foot rope along with another rope (line) maybe 30 feet to create drag on the starboard side to below take the load off the port rudder. It has helped in allowing us to sail further south, which is desired. Currently we are around 9 S and will need to get to 14 S in 5 - 7 days.

My 7-9 shift was almost clear of clouds maybe 2/8 of the sky had clouds mostly near the horizon - the stars gazing were magnificent.

Another day sailing - not exactly

12 March 2018 | South Pacific
Thought to walk through a day in the life, which begins at 2:45 am for me as I have the night watch of 3 to 5 am each morning. Spending 2 hours in a 6 by 9 cockpit surrounded by clear plastic windows you would think what a great view of the stars. Well for the past 4 days it has been mostly cloudy during the day and completely cloud coverage a night. As you try to look around you at the horizon, you can spot various shades of grey (not quite 50). The darkest areas are either squalls (intense storms with winds we've seen up to 27 knots)some with rain but no thunder or lighting yet. After sleeping 3 to 3 1/2 hours my day starts around 8:30 with an Espresso (Nespresso onboard and many flavors of cafe). Breakfast has been either cereal on your own or someone makes pancakes, french toast or eggs for everyone. Then a shower (every other day) morning chores include prepare lunch, make some bread, clean the salon and out side patio, morning walk around the boat to look for potential problems, set fishing lines, check email, read weather report, and morning radio call to all boats noting their position. I have my second watch from 12:30 to 3 pm, and then another at 7 to 9pm.. I' finally able to slow down enough to read a book...The Black Swan - thank-you Dr. J. for the book - this caught my eye - You can not ignore self-delusion. The problem with experts is that they do not know what they do not know.

On a different note....

we have lost one of our rudders at about 6 am our time- I know, very clumsy of us. Thankfully, Cats have two rudders and the remaining one is still operational and has been working all day. It does mean that it is v difficult for us to sail, but, we can motor sail as we are doing right now. Today the weather has been much better than forecast, but, there is still the threat of squalls until tomorrow, so we are taking it very easy. We have not been able to dive the remaining rudder to see if it is damaged, but, there s no sign of damage and it seems to be good. We will take a closer look when the seas get more stable.

I should also mention that the Genoa has a tear (about 1 meter long) and we currently have it partially furled to protect the tear. We have brought down the Mainsail and are motoring.

Spirit is good, and we are laying out our options, we have a drogue that we can deploy to help steer and steady the boat (essentially counter steer/counter balance), we will mend the sail, we have other sails, we have plenty of fuel, a lot of food and water. Tomorrow will be a busy day of calls trying to find out what is feasible or not.

So, we are managing, no need to worry.

Our progress will no doubt be impacted and we will let you know how our efforts progress. Average speed hor VMG has dropped from 7.7 to 5 ish.

Weather Report from Chris Tibbs

08 March 2018 | South Pacific
Good morning

With the South Pacific high pressure to the south at 37S 110W at 1030mb and low pressure at the equator of 1007mb the pattern is as we would expect. What is unusual is the persistence of a double ITCZ with a band of cloud and squalls north of the equator and another to the south.

Satellite imagery shows this southerly band of squalls was at 6S 110W to 4S at 120W (0600 utc) with more broken cloud to the south of the squalls to 10S.

There is expected to be an increased chance of squalls Saturday and Sunday before reducing again late on Monday or Tuesday. The squalls should be light to medium in extent but there is still the possibility of 30-35 knots on the leading edge of the squalls. The more broken but lower level cloud south of the main squall band could also bring some light showers or more persistent but generally light rain.

Late on Monday there is expected to be a reduction in squall activity as the remains of the southerly part of the ITCZ finally moves away.

Currents: there should continue to be a favourable current of 0.5-1 knot for the next few days.
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