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14 June 2012 | Camaret France
Still raining
We woke up on Tuesday morning at 5.30am to the familiar sound of rain beating down on the boat. Quick discussion followed - do we go or not? The northerly and then westerly winds promised by the weather forecast would get us down to France in one hop without the usual stops in Cherbourg and Guernsey so we both agreed that we should go despite the rain.

What followed was a 40 hour sail down the English Channel past Portland, Plymouth and then across to Northern France and then on to Camaret. The weather forecast got the wind strength about right but not the direction - it turned to the south west- so we ended up bashing our way down through the rain and rough seas but nothing too bad. We missed the tide for the Chenal du Four but by that time we were going through regardless. Fortunately we are on neaps so the tide slowed us but didn`t stop us.

Anyway here we are in Camaret on a mooring buoy and ,of course, it is raining. We are holed up on the boat and Martyn is looking for things to do so he has found everything we might need in an emergency and has velcroed it to the boat in an accessible place. I think he may have had too much time on his hands today...

The weather for the next couple of days isn`t good so we are staying here until Sunday when it looks there might be a weather window for us to set sail for Spain and the sunshine. Ever hopeful .....
Vessel Name: Gemini
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 311
Hailing Port: Poole
Crew: Martyn and Jane
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Created 4 February 2014


Who: Martyn and Jane
Port: Poole