Star Shot Adventures

Vessel Name: Star Shot
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40
Hailing Port: Waterport, New York
Crew: George and Penny Miller
Two captains on one boat is a much tested formula for disaster. SHE is Dutch, with an opinion. HE is German, psychologically entrenched. The volatility of their interesting mixture is somewhat subdued by generous amounts of natural sunlight and large quantities of salt water. [...]
Extra: Penny's P.S. He gets a little wordy at times
19 March 2011 | Rock Sound
19 March 2011 | Rock Sound, Eleuthera
15 March 2011 | Great Guana Cay
16 February 2011
16 February 2011
15 February 2011 | Sampson Cay
14 February 2011
08 February 2011
08 February 2011 | Big Major Cay
07 February 2011 | Big Major anchorage
07 February 2011 | Hawks Bill Cay
07 February 2011
24 January 2011
22 January 2011 | Frazier's Hog Cay in the Berrys
12 January 2011 | South Beach, Miami
07 January 2011 | Bethel Creek, Vero Beach
29 December 2010 | Vero Beach
29 December 2010 | Vero Beach
23 December 2010 | Charleston, SC
01 December 2010
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19 March 2011 | Rock Sound

four Points

Picture is of the little creek at low tide where we park the dinghies to walk into town.

19 March 2011 | Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Keeping busy

The picture is of the lobster and hogfish we bought from the fishing boat in Flamingo Cay. Often people ask us what keeps us from getting bored all day on a boat.

15 March 2011 | Great Guana Cay

Heading North

We left George Town today heading north. It was a beautiful sailing day. We haven't had much luck with internet so a month has gone by since our last posting. George Town is the location for the annual cruisers Regatta and we did enjoy some of the activities. We were there for about a week.

16 February 2011

Back inBlack Point

We are in Black Point for the second time. After our first visit it got windy with lots of wind from the North East and some from North so we went back to the anchorage near Staniel Cay called Big Major Spot, which has great protection for that wind direction. It has a beach with pigs and it is fun [...]

16 February 2011

anchoring at Pipe Creek

Anchoring is usually pretty easy thanks to our electric windlass. Here we were about to anchor at Pipe Creek We love our Rockna anchor. It holds the boat really well and lets us sleep at night without worrying about dragging anchor

15 February 2011 | Sampson Cay

Sliders at Sampson Cay

On tuesdays Sampson Cay has $2.00 specials Their dock fee is $2.00 a foot including water. That is a good deal if you need to fill up your big water tanks.(100 gallons) For lunch they had $2.00 sliders, chili, chickenwings or macaroni and cheese. So we all took a dinghyride to Sampson Cay just north of Big Major for lunch

Are stockings hung?

23 December 2010 | Charleston, SC
Penny, cold again
We arrived in Charleston on Tuesday afternoon after motoring down the Intra Coastal Waterway for six days. Our new boat has an enclosure around the cockpit, which helps tremendously in keeping us warm. Without electric shorepower we do not have heat on the boat so some of the nights below thirty degrees have been invigorating. After troubleshooting the GPS problem we found water intrusion in the at helm nav pod. The water had soaked a wire junction box causing various electronic malfunctions. Jeff Seachrist of Tidal Marine Electronics removed the damaged junction box and rewired the system so that the instruments can share data the way they should. He did good work at a fair price. We are hopeful that the system will serve us well as we continue our travels. Temps in Charleston this morning are in the mid thirties with a strong northerly wind. The project now at hand involves a leaking rudder post with a ceased packing nut. Of course the area allowed to work on the rudder post is restricted to accomodate elves and small gnomes. The elves are all busy this time of the year and the gnomes are fighting their immigrant status fearful to show themselves so close to a Coast Guard station. The good news is that we are still afloat and taking nourishment. We would like to move ASAP ahead of a severe cold front predicted to arrive by Saturday evening. High winds and cold Temps. in the forecast.
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