Preparing Moonshadow

30 March 2010 | Middle River, MD

Spring is on its way

30 March 2010 | Middle River, MD
This past weekend things are going together smoothly. We arrived Saturday morning, and unloaded all the Settees cussions with new upolustary, sudo.
and installed the new feel is great, and makes for a new change. and surves a function of liviability and ware. Than went on the new Monica winch covers, we held our breath, and it sliped on and was soo professional. You are great my love. Soon came the big Worry lifting and lowering the new Generator into the ships haul. Thus many many measurements and caculations later we are to this moment. 170 lbs. hanging from the boom, and lowering into the lazzertt. To the base assembly awaiting. With the help of 3 others we completed the job in 8 mins. Planing really pays off. Now on to hooking up the plumbing, electrical and fuel lines. This weekend.
Vessel Name: Moonshadow
Vessel Make/Model: Tayana V42
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: monica,paul
About: full of fun
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winter 2009

Who: monica,paul
Port: Annapolis, MD