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16 November 2013 | Tobago Cays
Ok. So here is my take on the work I've had done on the boat, while in Grenada and Carriacou.
I installed a Xantrex Power monitor. I, at last, now know what's going in and out of my batteries. I should have done it a long time ago.
I installed an external regulator on the alternator. Controlled power to the batteries now.
An extra solar panel. 95 watt. I should have got the 140 watt one. But it's done and going well.
Bimini. Totally re sewn. The stitching was disintegrating in the Caribbean sun after the boat having come from the Great Lakes. Better now than when all the panels fly off.
Sun shades for the stern. The afternoon sun here is a blinder.
Shifted the anchor windlass back about 20 cm. what a difference! All 200' of anchor chain now falls into the locker without me having to go below and pull it back after every 50'!
Matt and I reduced the size of the fridge. It's now a lot more efficient.
I had the fridge re gassed. In hindsight, I should have had this done before reducing the size. But it is working very well. Drawing about 40-50 amps per day, as opposed to the 120 amps that it was using.
I have 400 amp/hour batteries. I now don't draw more than 15% of these over night. The solar panels top the batteries up, usually, by 13:00. So it might be time to install another 4D battery.
As per my previous post, I hauled out in Carriacou. The bottom of Golightly wasn't too bad, but I think that I had been cleaning it a bit too often, while snorkeling. This had rubbed through to the old anti fouling paint.
She now has 2 coats of SeaHawk 44, plus a tin booster added. And a 3rd coat on the waterline, rudder etc. It looks great! But time will tell. The zincs were replaced too.
Hopefully all of this will see me through the winter sailing season, out here in the Caribbean.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London

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Port: London