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21 January 2016 | Gustavia. St. Bart's.
I have been lacking, I know. But what a life I lead.
From Les Saintes, it was off to Deshaise, Guadeloupe. We arrived there on December 13. My birthday. That night it was out to a favorite pizza place. And I thank Pipe and Partners for the great evening. The next day we were off to Antigua. This is why I should update more often. I don't remember the passage. Other than nothing broke. I'm sure that this mighty ocean going vessel of mine carved through the waves. Sailed well. Maybe. I got to Falmouth, Antigua without incident so all good. We had a wonderful Christmas season there. With the mega and super yachts in attendance. And we did do the new year thing there too! It was a nice evening. Not being big on the celebrations, I had a lovely evening aboard Partners with Sjell and Christine from Emma. Drinks and snacks included.
We spent a few days around there then motored around back to Jolly harbor. A little shopping and checked out Friday. Saturday morning we went up to Deep Bay and left Antigua for St. Bart's very early Sunday morning.
Sadly no wind. For all you sailors out there, Robin, Greg and co. there was wind of 6 kts actual. 0 apparent. Motored all the way to St. Bart's. I'm currently anchored in Colombier. NW corner of St. Bart's. Rolling like bitch. One more drink and I'll be able to sleep through this. Gustavia is a beautiful town. Went in to check in today. All the beautiful peeps you can imagine. Roman Abromovitch's boat is here. Eclipse. It's like a cruise ship. Over 500 ft long.
The swell increased to a point that it became time to move. But before I did, I managed to get my dinghy bow stuck under the stern of Golightly. This was due to the swell from astern. I was in the dink and got shot up into the air. Upon my downward trip, I landed on the side of the dinghy, flipping it over. Motor and all! Luckily Partners was watching me and shot across to help me right it. So Wednesday morning was spent draining oil, oiling and luring the little beast. Got it running though.
Back into Gustavia to check out and once again motored across to Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.
I can't believe that I'm living this life so grateful.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London
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Port: London