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A summer of hurricanes.

21 September 2017 | Tyrell Bay. Mangroves.
It's Monday afternoon and most of the work is done to prepare Golightly for the wind that's starting to hit. I've secured the solar panels, secure the roller furling staysail and jib. I've added a second snubber onto the anchor chain in case the main one parts. I've lashed the main sail cover on, removed the cockpit cushions and done a few other things too. I still have to raise the dinghy and connect that heavy line to the mooring block I've found. I might get a secondary anchor ready but with the mooring block I should be fine.
The tropical storm passed and Golightly and I survived. The wind didn't get up much higher than around 45 kts. I woke at 01:00, the height of it, and watch a bit. All was good. Back to bed.
Fortunately the storm petered out and didn't form into a cyclone. If it had done, we could have possible had heavy seas from the west and had no protection. Bequia would not have been a good place to be.
The following day I upped anchor and went back across to Princess Margaret beach. Calm and pretty there. A few days later I had a great sail down to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou.

Once again, a delinquent blogger gets off his arse. English spelling. Not off my donkey!
I had a great sail down to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou. I always seem to have a great sail over this stretch. And the gap between Union Island, SVG and Carriacou is the best. I end up sailing at about 7.5 kts, upright! Cool sail. And it's only 35 miles or so. I'm up at 5am , hit the road at 6 and am anchored by midday! Cool. So I'm now back in my summer homeland. But there is a white boat missing next to me?? Miss you two.
So far.. Just after I got here, TS Don wanted to come and breathe on us. Nor for me or my home. So into the mangroves we went.
While proceeding into the mangroves ahead of TS Don, the head of the throttle cable broke off. Yea. Kinda inconvenient menouvering around all the other boats on ther but I still had direction
All the way down. Prepped the boat big time. Look what Harvey has done! I tied into the mangroves with the help of friends Silke and Kai on Silence. I went bow into the mangroves, hard. Tied in and all was good. It became a non event. I'm happy with that score.
While motoring into the mangroves, the throttle cable head broke off of the control. Not so much fun. I managed to get in and out by idling around.
Paul, from Budget Marine, imported a new kit for me. I've fitted it and it's much smoother than before. When buying, it was us$27 plus 10 to ship to Miami.
When landed here in Carriacou, it cost ec$200, about us$75. I'm happy with that as it was flown to Grenada, handled there by an agent, walked through customs, duty paid, then delivered to the Osprey, a high speed catamaran and delivered to Carriacou. Paul went to pick it up and his end was only EC $20. I'm VERY impressed with his service. Good guy to know. Gus helped me with the disconnecting and reconnecting of the cables. A good friend. Cheers Mon! And Bob on Moonrebel was a great help too.
It's great to have good friends around. Or good to have great friends around?
Came back out into the bay. All good. Two weeks later, of doing not too much, another ball buster comes along. But we could see that it was going to pass north of us. But it was going to throw back a westerly swell. Very very bad here on a leeward shore. So I hit the mangrove Marina once again!
It was a fun evening. We listened to friends battling out in the bay. It was calm as in the mangroves. I'd do it again. Anytime.
So now it's September 21. And I'm back in the mangroves. I came in on Sunday and it's now Thursday and I might be out tomorrow or Friday. The southerly swell has picked up again a I believe is making the bay quite roly.
In the passed couple of weeks, there have been two major hurricanes pass up north of me. The first, Irma, absolutely destroyed the islands on Barbuda, St. Bart's, St. Maarten, the BVIs and the Usvi's.
And on her tail rode Maria, trashing Dominica, Puerto Rico and who knows where else.
My thoughts and best wishes go out to all those effected.
These hurricanes effect different areas I n different ways. With me being down in Carriacou, Tyrell Bay, the wind and swells change. Sometimes increasing in size and strength, but always in direction. Here in the Eastern Caribbean the prevailing winds are the easterly Trade winds. So we all anchor on the west side for protection from wind and sea. When a hurricane passes north of me, the winds are rotating in a counterclockwise direction. So the winds shift, or backs, from east, into the north, then they come out of the west, which pushes the sea state up and turns the boats and now we are anchored on a lee shore. A very dangerous position to be in. The winds make there way into the south and back into the east again. This usually takes a few days and can be up to a week.
This current one looks to be closer to a week.
I've been doing a couple of small bits and pieces on the boat but mainly relaxing and reading, which I've mastered.
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