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Arrival Bequia

09 June 2018 | Marigot, St. Lucia.
A great cruising buddy boat has left. Well, a few actually. Ocean Maiden has left for Panama, and has traversed the canal and arrived in the Marquises islands, Partners has swallowed the hook and returned to the dirt, States side and Desperado is also on the way out, just to name a few. But that's the life we signed up for. We meet great people from all over this beautiful planet. It's quite amazing. From nearly every country in the world. I have friends from Norway to Australia, Brazil to Korea. But sadly, in the end, we are all heading in different directions. The time that we spend together, getting to know each other, each other's culture, is a gem in time. We learn from one another and become more tolerant af different thoughts and ideas. There is nothing that can't be sorted out around a beach braai, BBQ. Sure, the Frenchies are different, but they sail! I can't believe how many of them are out here and circumnavigate!  

Three months later! How time flies? Or flys?  It been great chilling in Le Marin. I've been shopping like a French housewife. Fresh everyday. It's been fun. But the hurricane season is once again glaring down at us out here and I feel, in the case of a hurricane, discretion is the better part of valor. Meaning if I see one coming, Internet weather sites etc, I move south. The chance of them hitting hard down south is reduced, but I can't rule them out. It has happened before. Last season, the eastern Caribbean islands had two devastating Cat 5 hurricanes tear through. If I see one coming my way, I plan to head south. Meaning Trinidad. I’ll hang in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou until it’s time to go.

So backtracking a touch. I sailed out of St. Anne, Martinique yesterday morning and had a beaut sail down to Marigot, St. Vincent. A slight sea with a fresh breeze. My boat likes nothing more. We were scooting along at about 7 kts, reach 8 at times, and had a ball. I sailed up to the mouth of Marigot Bay and anchored. Very pretty here. 
Up at 5 the following morning and ready at 5:30. Motored a couple of hours as there wasn't any wind in the lee of St. Lucia. Thought I'd put a line out to fish. Humph! Sargassum seaweed everywhere. I can't fish in this. Solid weed all the way. 
Out of the lee of St. Lucia, the wind picked up to 25 kts, gusting to 30. I did reef the Genoa. It's not often but rather too early than too late. I had a boisterous ride across to the north of St. Vincent. As I'm approaching St. Vincent, I have 19 catamarans coming at me on my port side. A few less on my stbd. I heard later that there are a crowd of doctors, who've chartered boats here, who are Doctors having a blast. Drinking blast. 
At the bottom of St. Vincent, I hook a tight turn and head up towards Bequia. There are two other boats that I've been sailing with from St. Lucia. Checking on the AIS they are 40' and 42' . Race on! It a boy, sailor thing. 
They slowly caught up to me motoring but when we came around the corner on St. Vincent and aimed towards Bequia, I blew them away! Robin, Gary, Malcolm, you would have been proud of me. Greg too.
Arrived and anchored off Princess Margaret's beach at about 1800. 
All good aboard Golightly.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London
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