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End of Summer

15 November 2018 | Carriacou
Once again. Apologies. Late I know.
I had a great time in Bequia. It is very tranquil there, with a beautiful setting. I had a great time with old friends, and making new friends, what with beach bbqs, rum shoppe tours and the like. I might have mentioned before, but my favorite part of the Caribbean is from Bequia to Carriacou and the islands in between. The Grenadines are spectacular with pristine beaches. Sailing is all day trips, no overnight jobs. I’m over those. It’s all about the destination these days. Not the getting there. Please don’t get me wrong. I love a good sail but, there had to be a “but”, I enjoy having the anchor set by about 5pm, boat sorted by 6 and a cold drink in hand soon after.
So now I’m in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, after motor sailing down. July 2. A while back.
This hurricane season has been a quiet one so far. Other than for the Florida Panhandle. Hopefully it lasts. A few days to go yet. I haven’t had to go into the mangroves this season. I’m happy.
To a curtain extent. September is my annual insurance month. Mine went up by $600 a year. I’m a bit pissed about this. I seem to be funding the people who stayed up north and to their peril. I pay my insurance on time and it one of my biggest expenses through the year.
I understand. The insurance companies have to make money. So they therefore allow boats to stay in the hurricane box for the duration of the season. The charter boats, who are generating income, can easily pay a premium.
Last year, a lot of them got wiped out. Friends of mine too. Insurance pays out, they buy a new boat and I pay extra. WTF!
Sucks man. Its going to cut my time out here quite a bit.
I’ve managed to get a few boat chores done this summer. Small ones but they have to be done so that they don’t turn into major ones. Reinforce the dinghy davits, new to me dinghy cover altered. Thanks Jacqui! And I had to get the boat surveyed for insurance purposes. Golightly passed with flying colors I’m happy to say.

It has also been a very sad time out here
A good friend of mine died of a massive heart attack about 6 weeks ago. He was a great man. Helping others, advise, a real gent. Going to miss you Dude!
Devin, I’ll never forget you. Or Liz.
And then SA friends of mine, out here, on Out of Africa, had hauled their boat out in Trinidad and were on holiday in Canada and Scotland, John and Joanne. While in Scotland Jo was diagnosed with cancer.
All so sad. Both younger than I am.
Enjoy every day while you can.
One Love.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London
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