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31 March 2019 | Martinique
Les Farge
My goodness! How time flies!

This entry has been long time coming.

It’s mid March ‘19 and I’m still in St. Anne, Martinique.

I arrived here, in le Marin early December after a sail up from Tyrell Bay, overnighting in Chatham Bay, Union Island, Cumberland Bay, St. Vincent, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia and then across the channel to Martinique. They were all great sailing days and I used the engine maybe 2 hours in total, in and out of anchorages.

I motored into Le Marin and spent a week or two sorting things out. My wind transducer had broken and I took it in to Luke at Diginav. He had the replacement bearings and wind vane for it. Sorted. I then went to le Ship Chandlery, where I bought my dinghy, stove and new anchor chain a year back. I had told Katie, who works there, in March, that the chain was starting to rust as I felt the galvanizing was not good. December ‘18 I receive an email from them asking if I’d come to the chandlery to organize a warranty replacement. I told them I’d be back in le Marin late March and they are happy doing it then. That’s service. Highly recommended!

I’ve also had friends visiting. Richard and Lavinia, ex Partners, flew out for a month and spent Christmas and New Year out here. We had a great time catching up and touring the island too. They are great friends and I miss them very much out here.

Then Sven from Germany flew out, looking to buy a catamaran for charter purposes. Sadly the Martinique brokers must be some of the worst I’ve ever seen. They had a cash buyer walk into their office and didn’t show him anything. He had to pull the info out of them. I could go on ..

Then, about 3 weeks ago, I had Greg and Jenny, on Nebula, arrive from across the pond, meaning Atlantic. They made it from Cabo Verde to Martinique in 18 days. So we’ve bussing it around, showing them what there is on offer out here. Lots! They’ve gone up Island for a week or so, so I thought I’d get a couple of boat jobs done.

Today! I’d bought an aerosol foam, about a week ago, special stuff, to re insulate my fridge. I’ve been promising myself that I would do it soon. I bought a 750ml can of this goo last week, which expands to 150 liters of solid foam,and then remembered I had one stowed below.

I eventually found it and it had expired in 2014! It’s been a while of promising.

So this morning, all enthused, I’m into this job at 8am. Empty the fridge, clean, drill the holes to pump in the foam and away we, I, go.

This large can hardly made a dent in the job. So I was off, into St. Anne dingy dock, dash to catch the bus, buy 2 more cans, a bit of rum shopping, and back by 1300. I used 1.5 of the new cans of foam. Allowing for waste foam that comes out of all the holes, I’ve used about 300 liters of foam! The must have been very little left in the insulation cavities. Then again, Golightly is 20 years old this year and with moisture and movement, this stuff breaks down. Finished the job at 4pm this afternoon. I went ashore, after switching the fridge back on, had a swim, bought a baguette, and 5kgs of ice to try and help the fridge draw back down. It’s going to be interesting to see the difference it makes.

Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London
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Port: London