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15 July 2021
Les Farge
I hauled out at Tyrell Bay Marina on Tuesday 26 November 2019 . I was greeted by many familiar faces. It’s like coming home for me here.
The folks at this new marina have got their stuff together. From the guy who drives the travelift, to the guy who guides him up front, like landing a Boeing, and it’s my Boeing look a like. Everyone in this establishment is accommodating, polite and they go the extra mile.
When hauled, the boat had a high pressure wash and and sand. Very good. After that, chocking and stands. The same day the guys managed to prime the whole underwater area too. The next day was applying the anti fouling. One that day, the second the next. Brandon, in the yard, did a great job for me.
And Sandrine is a sweet heart.
Edwin oversaw the work and I thank him.
So back in the water and enjoying it. I have good friends in Tyrell Bay who I swim with most afternoons. John and Betty, Ang and Gary. Richard and Rowena, Greg and Jen are also players. I always look forward to to the afternoons.
And suddenly! Boom! It nearly Christmas . I’ve never spent it in Bequia and I’m told it’s a good place to be.
Fondest memories of my son Matt rescuing a few of us at the dinghy dock. Ron? Jackie? Love you both.
So I’ve sailed out of Tyrell Bay, Carriacou and am chilling in Chatham Bay. I only through out the Genoa and got the boat up to 8.5 kts. Great sailing. Sunday morning I decided to use the same sail plan again. Not such a good idea. The wind had backed about 35 degrees and was up to 25-30 kts. I set the stay sail out and had to motorsail into a lumpy sea. Not much fun. It took me an hour more than expected to do the 28 miles. A long day.
Monday morning I took the dinghy in to check in with customs and immigration and am now anchored tight in off Princess Margret Beach. The winds have increased quite a bit. These are known as the Christmas Winds and should blow for the next 6 or so weeks. I have various friends anchored around me and we all socialize quite a bit. Yesterday we all went on a Rum Shack tour around Friendship Bay, on the south side of Bequia. Good fun had by all.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London
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Les on Golightly.

Port: London