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The ignorance of others.

10 August 2021 | Le marin
Les Farge | Beaut
June/July 2021.
A few months back, I was anchored in St. Anne, Martinique, and a great lady aboard Coho, organized for us cruisers to get vaccinated. John, from out of Africa and I headed off and got the AZ shot. The next shot we had was at the local hospital. A lovely lady doc, with purple hi lights jabbed us. All good.
Currently, early August 2021, the cases are ever increasing. It’s getting worse day by day. The French military have sent 50 Doctors to assist with the crisis.
Anyway, my bud John from Out Of Africa , has flown back to South Africa, Kurt is back in Sweden, Casper is back in the Netherlands and Anne Marie and Steve are back in the UK. Also my friends Katie and Doug. There are still a hundred others that I’ll think of later. Love you all.
And once again Martinique is in full lockdown. Tourists have been told to leave the island. Only essential businesses are allowed to open and no one is allow to travel more than 1 km from home. 200+ medical staff were flown in today from France. The figures released today are that there are over 4100 new cases and 57 deaths. This is on an island of about 100,000. And less than 20% vaccinated. The hospitals are 200% full.
So there we have it.
Being anchored for such a long time, my shitty quality anchor chain wore badly. When this happens, it weakens the integrity of the chain and also jumps in the gypsy when heaving. So there was a few rum tokens lost. Then last week, the fresh water pressure pump died on me. So off to invest in a new one. We used to be able to buy parts for these things but since Covid the chandlers are not bringing in the gear that they used to. So no Jabsco micro switches available!
Sucks man!
I’m in a good place, unless the rum stops. Then the French government will have to deal with me.
Vessel Name: Golightly
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 350
Hailing Port: London

Les on Golightly.

Port: London