Change in Latitude, Change in Attitude

30 January 2008 | Moraga, Ca.
23 January 2008 | San Diego, Ca.
20 January 2008 | Pacific Beach, San Diego
18 January 2008 | San Diego, California
17 January 2008 | 7 Miles South of the San Diego/Tijuana Border
15 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
15 January 2008 | 100 MIles South of Ensenada
13 January 2008 | Isla Benitos
09 January 2008 | Bahia Santa Maria
08 January 2008 | 100 Miles South of Magdalena Bay
07 January 2008 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
06 January 2008 | Rounding Cabo Pulmo
05 January 2008 | La Paz, Mexico
25 December 2007 | Moraga, Ca.
15 December 2007 | Ensenada de Los Muertos, Mexico
10 December 2007 | Los Frailes, Mexico
05 December 2007 | Smack Dab' In The Middle
02 December 2007 | Mazatlan, Mexico
30 November 2007 | 128 Miles South of Mazatlan, 28 Miles Offshore
27 November 2007 | 15 miles Northwest of Manzanillo, Mexico

Packing For Panama

31 July 2007 | Moraga
This morning I awoke early to the sound of Canadian geese flying overhead. What an incredible wake up call. The weather has been nothing short of glorious here in the beautiful bay area, and I will miss it greatly. The fog rolls in every night and cools down the warm air which makes for great nights in the backyard and comfortable sleeping. Last night my family sat in the backyard and watched the fog roll over the brown hills and the stars come to life. Mom made her famous double chocolate brownies too, which was nice, especially with a big glass of cold milk. I think she is trying to make me miss home!!

I got up quite early and began the daunting task of packing everything into bags and boxes. I am bringing down quite a bit of gear to keep us entertained and safe for the next several months, so fitting everything into the least amount of bags and boxes became a bit of a Houdini act. The monster-sized spear gun and dive gear top the list, followed by my laptop, Ipod, special spices, and various boat parts. We need to install a new traveler when I get down there, so I have TONS of nuts and bolts and rope to around. I figure I'll be in excellent shape should a "Castaway" situation present itself. In fact, I've always day-dreamed about situations like that and how I would actually do. In this case, I'd most likely be eating Sashimi Tuna with smoked paprika and windsurfing by the time the afternoon breeze picks up.

I leave for Panama City in just a few hours and hope to have a seamless trip down to the lower latitudes. Chris and Julie have arranged a ride from the airport with Eduardo, so that will help me tremendously. I planned on taking the 2 hour/$2 dollar bus ride with the locals and their chickens, so the trip is already looking pleasantly optimistic. I'm sure my outlook will change when immigration/customs see the amount of bags and boxes I arrive with. "Hola Amigos!!" says Andrew. Immigration is going to love me.

Hopefully my laptop and wireless will be up and running in a few days when I arrive in Colon. I plan on posting a few words about the trip down and my initial breaths Central American air. Next stop, Colon Panama!! Cheers to that!!
Vessel Name: Cisnecito
Vessel Make/Model: 46 ft Nautor Swan
Crew: Andrew Roberts
After working in the insurance industry for 4 years, I jumped at the opportunity to join Cisnecito, a 46 foot Nautor Swan. She currently lays in Colon, Panama preparing for her last extended cruise back to Newport, Ca. [...]
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Water Maker Project 002
Las Perlas Catch 001: I got the honors...
Contadora, Las Perlas 028: Tons of dolphins all day...not easy to time their jumps!
Contadora, Las Perlas 016: Bacardi girls taking care of business...
Contadora, Las Perlas 006: Walking up the weigh-in
canal transit 2 023: Chris and the Panamanian Pilots...super nice guys.
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 006: Fellow yachtie anchored on the opposite side of the reef.
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 038: Panamanian man in Nombre De Dios
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 026: Typical Island
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 006
Typical hut on Chichime: Typical Hut in the San Blas Islands
San Blas, Chi Chi Island 008: Local boys in Chichime Cay, San Blas.
IMG_0079: Fun boots!
IMG_0023: Catching a final Giants game in the city
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Checked Out and Headed to Central America

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