Change in Latitude, Change in Attitude

30 January 2008 | Moraga, Ca.
23 January 2008 | San Diego, Ca.
20 January 2008 | Pacific Beach, San Diego
18 January 2008 | San Diego, California
17 January 2008 | 7 Miles South of the San Diego/Tijuana Border
15 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
15 January 2008 | 100 MIles South of Ensenada
13 January 2008 | Isla Benitos
09 January 2008 | Bahia Santa Maria
08 January 2008 | 100 Miles South of Magdalena Bay
07 January 2008 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
06 January 2008 | Rounding Cabo Pulmo
05 January 2008 | La Paz, Mexico
25 December 2007 | Moraga, Ca.
15 December 2007 | Ensenada de Los Muertos, Mexico
10 December 2007 | Los Frailes, Mexico
05 December 2007 | Smack Dab' In The Middle
02 December 2007 | Mazatlan, Mexico
30 November 2007 | 128 Miles South of Mazatlan, 28 Miles Offshore
27 November 2007 | 15 miles Northwest of Manzanillo, Mexico

To Zihuatanejo We Go

18 November 2007 | 5 Miles East of Acapulco
After a great couple days in Escondido, we packed up the boat, pulled up the anchors, and set course for Zihuatanejo, where we will spend Thanksgiving week. Chris' parents fly into town on Wednesday, so we figured we should get everything situated and settled starting on Monday. And most importantly, we have to track down a turkey here in Mexico, which could, quite possibly, be the biggest adventure thus far. We hear there is a "real" grocery store in Zihuatanejo, but that doesn't guarantee they will have a turkey. So come Monday morning, our quest for the big bird is officially on.

Zihuatanejo is approximately 350 miles north of Puerto Escondido. We are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning, which is just around the corner. We had decent wind yesterday afternoon, although it died down after sunset which is common this time of year. Today appears to be a similar as the wind is just now picking up at 1:30 p.m. At the present moment Acapulco seems within throwing distance and provides a spectacular backdrop as we sail by. Unfortunately time permits us from stopping everywhere, so I will add it to the list of places to see in the future. I find it strange that the more I travel, the longer my list becomes.

Considering the holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow, I found myself baking peanut butter cookies with Godiva chocolate chips just after lunch. I plan on enjoying two with a cup of iced coffee this afternoon. I figure I have 5 days or 15 meals to stretch my stomach to maximum capacity and ultimately optimize peak performance by Thursday. Life really isn't all that bad on a boat, especially Cisnecito, where cookies and coffee in the afternoon are not uncommon.

On a more serious note, there is a crucial football game to be played on Thanksgiving evening, and prefacing the competition is oh, so very necessary for numerous reasons. First off, my mighty, victorious, and feared Arizona State Sun Devils have invited the miniature and helpless University of Southern California Sissies to the desert for an old fashioned game of football. Interestingly enough, team Sparky and his fearless warriors are in the driver's seat to a major BCS bowl game, and will not tolerate anyone getting in their way. Secondly, and quite possibly the most fun of it all, is the fact that Chris' father (my Great Uncle Dick) not only went to USC, but "walked on" to the football team (pre Civil War days), graduated and now lectures there, and is the biggest Trojan fan on the planet! So, for obvious reasons Dick will be sitting at the opposite side of the dinner table this Thursday, and will be forced to give thanks to Superior Sparky before our Thanksgiving meal.

We anxiously look forward to having Dick and Susie down for the holiday and can't wait to spend a few days with them. I'm sure the friendly ASU v. USC rivalry will be one of many good times.
Vessel Name: Cisnecito
Vessel Make/Model: 46 ft Nautor Swan
Crew: Andrew Roberts
After working in the insurance industry for 4 years, I jumped at the opportunity to join Cisnecito, a 46 foot Nautor Swan. She currently lays in Colon, Panama preparing for her last extended cruise back to Newport, Ca. [...]

Checked Out and Headed to Central America

Who: Andrew Roberts