Change in Latitude, Change in Attitude

30 January 2008 | Moraga, Ca.
23 January 2008 | San Diego, Ca.
20 January 2008 | Pacific Beach, San Diego
18 January 2008 | San Diego, California
17 January 2008 | 7 Miles South of the San Diego/Tijuana Border
15 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
15 January 2008 | 100 MIles South of Ensenada
13 January 2008 | Isla Benitos
09 January 2008 | Bahia Santa Maria
08 January 2008 | 100 Miles South of Magdalena Bay
07 January 2008 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
06 January 2008 | Rounding Cabo Pulmo
05 January 2008 | La Paz, Mexico
25 December 2007 | Moraga, Ca.
15 December 2007 | Ensenada de Los Muertos, Mexico
10 December 2007 | Los Frailes, Mexico
05 December 2007 | Smack Dab' In The Middle
02 December 2007 | Mazatlan, Mexico
30 November 2007 | 128 Miles South of Mazatlan, 28 Miles Offshore
27 November 2007 | 15 miles Northwest of Manzanillo, Mexico

Pushing On For Puerto Vallarta

27 November 2007 | 15 miles Northwest of Manzanillo, Mexico
We continue to push our way north and set course for the lively town of Puerto Vallarta. Our navigation equipment tells me we should arrive in 20 hours and 52 minutes, so that leaves just one more night at sea for us. I was lucky enough to visit Puerto Vallarta on a short vacation a few years ago and enjoyed the area, so I am looking forward to returning. We had some great times and ate at some fun restaurants, a few of which I hope to return to.

Our trip has been fairly straight forward thus far except for our run-in with the fisherman today. Mexico's waters are abundant with fish (I know because I catch and eat them regularly!) and local fisherman can be seen trolling the coasts, and sometimes netting further offshore. Today, we ran over a poor fisherman's net. Fortunately there was no damage to the boat and the fisherman could easily repair the line, although it was a bit of an annoyance. Fisherman mark their nets for other boaters, which is courteous and prevents incidents like today from occurring. However, you must understand that most fisherman down here are quite poor, have limited equipment (often times no lights), and live off their daily catch. The net we hit today was marked by small plastic beach bottles, tied to the top of the net, and spaced approximately every 100 yards or so. The long lines sometimes stretch for miles, and are extremely difficult to see, even when watching closely. Unfortunately there is more floating plastic that you can imagine, and the floating bleach bottles often look like a simple piece of floating trash. Today we actually spotted the net, slowed down, and began motoring parallel with it when the fisherman approached us in their small 70 horsepower Panga. Funny enough, they "waved us through" the net and clearly told us to pass at a certain spot. So we did, and of course, got caught in the damned thing. I instantly thought this was a set up or some ploy to get money from us for damaging their net, but it turned out it was simply poor judgment by both of us. The fisherman obviously didn't think our boat's keel sat 9 feet under water, and we should have been more patient and gone around the long way. Fortunately the fisherman weren't after us, picked up their broken net, and quickly began repairing it. No harm, no foul, but a bit of excitement for the afternoon.

We plan on landing at Punta Mita, which is to the northern part of Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta is located. The Murietas Islands are located in this area (which I visited for a half day a few years ago on a large snorkel charter), so I am looking forward to having them to myself for a few days. We have a few fishing lines out at the present moment, so hopefully we can enjoy a fresh fish meal when we get there.
Vessel Name: Cisnecito
Vessel Make/Model: 46 ft Nautor Swan
Crew: Andrew Roberts
After working in the insurance industry for 4 years, I jumped at the opportunity to join Cisnecito, a 46 foot Nautor Swan. She currently lays in Colon, Panama preparing for her last extended cruise back to Newport, Ca. [...]
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Water Maker Project 002
Las Perlas Catch 001: I got the honors...
Contadora, Las Perlas 028: Tons of dolphins all day...not easy to time their jumps!
Contadora, Las Perlas 016: Bacardi girls taking care of business...
Contadora, Las Perlas 006: Walking up the weigh-in
canal transit 2 023: Chris and the Panamanian Pilots...super nice guys.
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 006: Fellow yachtie anchored on the opposite side of the reef.
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 038: Panamanian man in Nombre De Dios
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 026: Typical Island
Journey back to Colon via Nombre de Dios 006
Typical hut on Chichime: Typical Hut in the San Blas Islands
San Blas, Chi Chi Island 008: Local boys in Chichime Cay, San Blas.
IMG_0079: Fun boots!
IMG_0023: Catching a final Giants game in the city
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