Change in Latitude, Change in Attitude

30 January 2008 | Moraga, Ca.
23 January 2008 | San Diego, Ca.
20 January 2008 | Pacific Beach, San Diego
18 January 2008 | San Diego, California
17 January 2008 | 7 Miles South of the San Diego/Tijuana Border
15 January 2008 | Ensenada, Mexico
15 January 2008 | 100 MIles South of Ensenada
13 January 2008 | Isla Benitos
09 January 2008 | Bahia Santa Maria
08 January 2008 | 100 Miles South of Magdalena Bay
07 January 2008 | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
06 January 2008 | Rounding Cabo Pulmo
05 January 2008 | La Paz, Mexico
25 December 2007 | Moraga, Ca.
15 December 2007 | Ensenada de Los Muertos, Mexico
10 December 2007 | Los Frailes, Mexico
05 December 2007 | Smack Dab' In The Middle
02 December 2007 | Mazatlan, Mexico
30 November 2007 | 128 Miles South of Mazatlan, 28 Miles Offshore
27 November 2007 | 15 miles Northwest of Manzanillo, Mexico

The Bash Is On

08 January 2008 | 100 Miles South of Magdalena Bay
Well, for those of you who don't know, they call a northerly passage on the outside of the Baja the "Baja Bash". This is because that is exactly what it is, a bashing. We pulled out of Cabo San Lucas at first light and rounded "Lover's Rock", the famous arch just outside of town. The morning was beautiful with fair winds and light seas. As we turned up north, we spotted two huge Humpbacks not more than 50 feet from the boat. I figured that had to be a good omen right? I hope so.

The wind and swell picked up significantly as we passed Cabo Falso, although it was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. Sure, the swells were quite big, and the wind blew hard, but Cisnecito handled it all like champion. After all, this boat has been around the world's oceans on two separate occasions, so a little run up the Baja is no big deal. We've been beating into the waves the majority of the day and tacking back and forth. We are making okay time and spirits are still high. Stomachs have also cooperated, which is nice as it is no fun to have a sick person aboard, especially not me! I've settled into my offshore routine which consists of lots of little activities and mind games to keep me busy and free of boredom. However, I do enjoy wedging myself into a cozy spot in the cockpit and staring mindlessly at the horizon, studying the coastline, and thinking about anything and everything. The remainder of the time I either sleep, eat, brush my teeth (plenty of time for a full 2 minute cycle on the electric Braun), stretch, listen to my ipod, read, or reorganize something. For instance, today I listened to the entire "Evita" soundtrack, read a fascinating National Geographic article about our world's depleting fish supply and the dangers of over-fishing (think twice next time you order that Chilean Seabass), and took a nap. During my watch however, I am very alert and focused on exactly what the boat is doing, our heading, etc.

We hope to make Bahia Santa Maria by tomorrow evening, but that all depends on the sea-state and wind. There is a possibility that we will push on through, and continue north towards Cedros Island. However, this isn't my decision as I ain't the captain!! But the good news is that things are going quite well and we are bashing our way up the Baja.

The attached picture is me taking care of some last minute work on our lifeline system. We re-rigged the system while in the marina. I was putting on the finishing touch with cotter pins and electric tape...about an hour before we rounded Cabo Falso.
Vessel Name: Cisnecito
Vessel Make/Model: 46 ft Nautor Swan
Crew: Andrew Roberts
After working in the insurance industry for 4 years, I jumped at the opportunity to join Cisnecito, a 46 foot Nautor Swan. She currently lays in Colon, Panama preparing for her last extended cruise back to Newport, Ca. [...]

Checked Out and Headed to Central America

Who: Andrew Roberts