Gone surfing... svFreedom

24 December 2011 | San Pedro, CA
10 September 2011 | San Pedro, CA
02 September 2011 | Little Harbor
24 August 2011 | Southern California
31 July 2011 | Morro Bay, Ca.
01 July 2011 | Hanalei Bay, Kauai
27 June 2011 | Waikiki Beach
20 June 2011 | Lono Harbor
11 June 2011 | Maui!!!
19 May 2011 | Hilo Bay, Big Island Hawaii
23 December 2010 | Hilo, Hawaii
11 November 2010 | arrived in Hilo, the Big Island
18 September 2010 | Bora Bora
02 September 2010 | French Poly
15 August 2010 | Society Islands
04 August 2010 | Society Islands
27 July 2010 | Papeete
15 July 2010 | Tuomotu Archipeligo
05 June 2010 | Nuka Hiva
12 May 2010 | Fatu Hiva, Marquesas

Reef Passes

15 August 2010 | Society Islands
The tropical reef pass is a surfer's dream, and French Polynesia is filled with them. Reef passes are breaks in the barrier reef that allow you into the still waters of a calm lagoon. Entering & exiting can be tricky, but once inside, you are protected from the waves and able to anchor often in view of the surf in the pass. Most of these islands are extinct, sinking volcanoes that are descending into the ocean, and coral gardens have grown on their rims making a paradise-like setting. Yet as beautiful as these waves are, they are also quite dangerous. They are shallow, powerful, and fast, as they lift up out of deep water and throw themselves onto sharp coral just inches below the surface. But, when the proper conditions align on the right section of reef, which is often, the surf can get picture perfect as seen above. It seems that most times, I am surfing these waves alone, and it would be enjoyable & comforting to share these sessions with a friend. But, I guess I can't have everything. :-) That's the latest here, up next: Bora Bora.
Vessel Name: Freedom
Vessel Make/Model: Downeast 38
Hailing Port: San Pedro, California
Crew: Robert & Kelita

Who: Robert & Kelita
Port: San Pedro, California