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24 December 2011 | San Pedro, CA
10 September 2011 | San Pedro, CA
02 September 2011 | Little Harbor
24 August 2011 | Southern California
31 July 2011 | Morro Bay, Ca.
01 July 2011 | Hanalei Bay, Kauai
27 June 2011 | Waikiki Beach
20 June 2011 | Lono Harbor
11 June 2011 | Maui!!!
19 May 2011 | Hilo Bay, Big Island Hawaii
23 December 2010 | Hilo, Hawaii
11 November 2010 | arrived in Hilo, the Big Island
18 September 2010 | Bora Bora
02 September 2010 | French Poly
15 August 2010 | Society Islands
04 August 2010 | Society Islands
27 July 2010 | Papeete
15 July 2010 | Tuomotu Archipeligo
05 June 2010 | Nuka Hiva
12 May 2010 | Fatu Hiva, Marquesas

to Hawaii

11 November 2010 | arrived in Hilo, the Big Island
What a challenging run this turned out to be. It took us 31 days to cover 2,300 miles, sailing almost due north from latitude 16.5South (Raiatea, Tahiti) to 19.5North (Hawaii). What really slowed us down was some rigging repair that kept us hove to for two days. Following that, we proceeded cautiously with reefed sails and crawled our way up to Hawaii. However, we did eat well, having caught two 20lb Mahi Mahi along the way. And for the first time, we had a pet onboard that kept us well entertained. Before we left Bora Bora, a gecko climbed aboard and lived in our aloe plant, eating little fruit flys during the entire crossing.

Now were snugly tied to the quay in Hilo, the big island, in awe of the beauty, fresh fruits, and modern conveniences of Hawaii. Its been 2 years since our boat has been in an American port and it is an interesting delight to be in familiar territory. We'll be based here for the Winter and Spring to enjoy these islands during the non-hurricane season.
Vessel Name: Freedom
Vessel Make/Model: Downeast 38
Hailing Port: San Pedro, California
Crew: Robert & Kelita
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Who: Robert & Kelita
Port: San Pedro, California