Goody on route

Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay
06 September 2013 | Richards Bay, South Africa
05 September 2013 | Portugese Islands, Inhaca, Mozambique
03 September 2013 | Mozambique
30 August 2013
29 August 2013 | Bassas da India
28 August 2013
26 August 2013
21 August 2013 | Madagascar
17 August 2013 | Madagascar
10 August 2013 | Nosy Antsoba, Madagascar
06 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
04 August 2013 | Madagascar
03 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
21 July 2013 | Nosy Be area
15 July 2013 | Indian Ocean
11 July 2013
10 July 2013
07 July 2013
06 July 2013

Preparing for the Indian Ocean

30 May 2013 | Admiral Marina, Port Dickson
It has been 1610 days since we left the Indian Ocean, and we are now preparing to enter the same ocean again.
Yes, we are on our way home! We are going back to show our boat kids what an elephant and a rhino looks like, and to let them hear the cry of the fish eagle when you paddle in the early morning in the harbour, and to feel the mud on your legs when mountain biking through the veld. We are planning to arrive in the harbour by mid-September, to be in time for the start of the last school semester, to experience the results of the home schooling challenges we have faced.
But first, we have to say good-bye to Asia, which has so unexpectedly played a big part in our lives.... Our youngest crew member, Lelei, was born in the Adventist Hospital in Penang on 30 January 2013. We experienced so much despair which turned into utmost joy, happiness and awe, all in this small island. This island added a knot to our lives which will last forever.
Other great times were also had in Langkawi, where we have great memories of time spent with other yachtie families, Rebak island where we stayed when Joop went to South Africa for contract work, and many more incredible places and experiences.
We now also have to say good-bye to our laid back marina days which includes aircon, swimming pools, restaurants at your boat step, wi-fi connections and inland travels to new and exotic places. And yes, we are ready for the Indian Ocean with clear water diving, anchoring with the breeze through the hatches, kids jumping off the boat, kayaking and just exploring the wonders of sailing again. And yes, we are ready for the long haul days at sea which is part of sailing as it's a special time onboard. It's a time where we all look inwards to each other instead of outwards to the world, but also a time for me and Joop to mentally prepare for the start of our new journey which awaits us back home...
Vessel Name: Goody
Vessel Make/Model: Dean Catamaran
Hailing Port: Richards Bay
Crew: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
About: Joop, myself and our 2.5 year old son, Johannes, left Richards Bay harbour on 6 December 2008. Since then, Dirk was born in 2009 in Curacao, Dutch Antilles and Lelei in January 2013 in Penang, Malaysia.
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Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay