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Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay
06 September 2013 | Richards Bay, South Africa
05 September 2013 | Portugese Islands, Inhaca, Mozambique
03 September 2013 | Mozambique
30 August 2013
29 August 2013 | Bassas da India
28 August 2013
26 August 2013
21 August 2013 | Madagascar
17 August 2013 | Madagascar
10 August 2013 | Nosy Antsoba, Madagascar
06 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
04 August 2013 | Madagascar
03 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
21 July 2013 | Nosy Be area
15 July 2013 | Indian Ocean
11 July 2013
10 July 2013
07 July 2013
06 July 2013

It was the birds....

28 August 2013
As I come towards the outside of the yacht to start my night shift, I hear the birds chirping and I see the moonlight falling on the calm sea. The birds are flying all around the yacht, chirping loudly and frantically, as if to issue a warning of the close proximity of a reef. My experience is that the sounds or sights of birds out on the open seas always bear a message. It indicates land, absence thereof and also sometimes the weather, depending on the species.

Tonight’s message was definitely a warning of the reef coming closer. This specific reef is only visible during low tide. The only warning during high tide is the waves breaking over the reef and of course…the wreck. At 2nm away from the reef, the depth is still 1000m, and then it falls.

We only have 13.8nm to go, and we have been flying along at 6kts with the spinnaker. Even now, after the spinnaker has been dropped, we are being pulled towards this magical reef with no sails and no engines with a speed of 2.4kts!

The excitement is in the air, but we have to drift another 5 hours before the first rays of sunlight will fall on us and on Bassas da India, for the start of the next adventure!
Vessel Name: Goody
Vessel Make/Model: Dean Catamaran
Hailing Port: Richards Bay
Crew: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
About: Joop, myself and our 2.5 year old son, Johannes, left Richards Bay harbour on 6 December 2008. Since then, Dirk was born in 2009 in Curacao, Dutch Antilles and Lelei in January 2013 in Penang, Malaysia.
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Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay