Goody on route

Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay
06 September 2013 | Richards Bay, South Africa
05 September 2013 | Portugese Islands, Inhaca, Mozambique
03 September 2013 | Mozambique
30 August 2013
29 August 2013 | Bassas da India
28 August 2013
26 August 2013
21 August 2013 | Madagascar
17 August 2013 | Madagascar
10 August 2013 | Nosy Antsoba, Madagascar
06 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
04 August 2013 | Madagascar
03 August 2013 | Nosy Be, Madagascar
21 July 2013 | Nosy Be area
15 July 2013 | Indian Ocean
11 July 2013
10 July 2013
07 July 2013
06 July 2013

Whaling wonders

03 September 2013 | Mozambique
Yes, only 300nm from our home port, and we were yet again amazed by one of the true wonders of nature, the humpback whales! Since we arrived at Inhambane, we have seen approximately 80 humpack whales. We were entertained by the blows, the breaching, flipper-slapping, fluking-up and lob tailing! These are truly big animals, apparently between 13 and 16m on average, and our yacht is a mere 10m in length!
Once the activities were so close to us, we heard them “ough” before we saw them behind the boat. They were literally within jumping-in-the-water distance. Other times they dived underneath us just as we reached them and we got a big fluke-up before they disappeared under Goody. This made us all jump around on deck from excitement to experience these wonderful creatures so up-close. The boys even developed a “whale-swing” with the sheets, which they do after up-close whale activities. Johannes shouts “whales”, and him and Dirk do their wildest and biggest possible swings on the foredeck with the foresail sheets.
Research indicates that the breaching actions are related to dominance behaviour by the males as a threatening gesture, especially during rough seas. It is thought that the loud sounds of these actions are a means of communication when the noise from the wind and waves threatens to drown out any other signals. This was actually very noticeable, as soon as the wind picked up, the breaching and flipper-slapping increased. Quite impressive activities from such gentle giants!
Vessel Name: Goody
Vessel Make/Model: Dean Catamaran
Hailing Port: Richards Bay
Crew: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
About: Joop, myself and our 2.5 year old son, Johannes, left Richards Bay harbour on 6 December 2008. Since then, Dirk was born in 2009 in Curacao, Dutch Antilles and Lelei in January 2013 in Penang, Malaysia.
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Who: Joop, Jacolette, Johannes, Dirk and Lelei
Port: Richards Bay