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Sitting in the heat!

07 December 2009 | Manjack Cay
90F and no wind...
It's been an interesting couple of days...

We sailed up from GTC and anchored with a reasonable south wind (20kph) and let out 80' of chain. The day was spent getting the water-maker working now that we're out of the harbours and surrounded by clean water...

The watermaker came together easily with no surprises, and the wind shifted to the west and started to blow...

We recheck the anchor lines, and its blowing 30-40 knots and we're 400 feet from the lee-shore so we collected our passports and credit cards and stuffed them into the "ditch bag" so that we're ready in the event that the anchor chain let's go......

At 50 knots the wind shifts 90 degrees to the north, and we're again somewhat protected and relax a little bit. Sleeping is not that easy when you are being blown into a lee shore 400 feet away.

The starter motor is successfully installed and the generator is working beautifully. Upon reflection I realize that the solar panels have so impressed me that we only used the generator twice last year, upon launch and upon haulout, which is not enough! I'll try to use it weekly, even though I don't need the power, just to keep it in good shape.

Yesterday was spent walking on the ocean beach collecting coconuts and sperm whale wax.... much discussion with other sailors about what this waxy material really is... wikipedia suggests two different possibilities... ambergris ( a whale laxative) and/or sperm whale wax ( a wax found in the head of the whale)... who knows.... Louise will make candles!

Dinner involved fresh fish, lobster and newly discovered mushrooms from the tropical forest (Bahamian chanterelles....who knew!)

Louise has invited our neighbours (3 boats, 8 people) for dinner tomorrow so we'll polish the stainless steel and chrome, and relax in the moonlight under the stars...


Vessel Name: Graynorth
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 473
Hailing Port: Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
Crew: Louise Simonson
About: My best friend, lover and wife!
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