Great Lakes Reverie

23 March 2014 | Frozen Michigan
31 January 2014 | COLD Michigan

Spring Where are you??

23 March 2014 | Frozen Michigan
Picked up the re-cut main today. Getting excited for Spring!! Actually it is here, just hard to believe it when the snow is still flying.
Last weekend brought all of the gear down to the boat. We are in the process of moving into another home and trying to simplify things before the move. I never thought that I would ever accumulate so much crap.. I keep asking myself where all of it came from.
So I was ambitious Friday and took the cover off. Still 2 feet of snow around the boat but figured the spring rain will be good for the decks to clean off all of the debris from the cover rubbing on the life lines and stays. My luck the person next to me will sand his hull or bottom and will kick myself later but maybe, just maybe we will have some nice days coming up I can shoot down there and throw some bottom paint and wax on the hull.
The goal this year is to the be one of the first boats in the marina. No Major projects this year(sigh of relief) we have enough at the new house…
A little bitter sweet about where we are moving. Not getting any closer to the water but at least we have some land and the new house has a nice area for a wood shop so I can work on boat projects during the winter and not have to freeze out in the garage. Some day we hope to build a barn, maybe a boat barn… That would be nice! Then Mae for sure would never see me, could be good or bad I guess.. Anyways working third shift tonight helping with weekend coverage. I don’t think I could get every use to working a third shift. I have so much respect for people that can do it for a living, especially in manufacturing. Reminds me of night watch, but a lot more boring. Well that 2am – 6am watch probably is about the same… At least that’s what you hope for when you’re on watch at night right…

Jan. 31, 2014 When will this snow stop??

31 January 2014 | COLD Michigan
It's warmed up to a balmy 21 degrees. For the first time in a few days I could feel my toes while shoveling snow at 6:00 in the morning. Looking forward to spring and being able to get the boat in the water. Wife Annamae, Son James (1 1/2yr), and I and a few friends took a trip to Chicago to go to the Sailboat Show. We had a good time and it was fun watching James run around looking at all of the different boats and gear. He loved watching the RC boats race in the big pool and had fun getting people wet. This is my first attempt to log some of our memories onto a blog. I hope I can countue to keep it updated with pictures and videos. Here are a few youtube videos I have taken of us sailing over the past few summers

Vessel Name: Reverie
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 32c
Hailing Port: Muskegon Mi
Crew: Ed, Annamae, James, and Alden
Myself (Ed) have been sailing since I was a few weeks old. I grew up sailing on my father's wooden Hinckley on Lake Michigan and also sailing my sunfish everyday of the summer during the week while my parents were at work. In my teens my father and I sailed our 42 wood Alden Yawl Indigo south. [...]
Extra: Our Dog Alden(named after the famous boat designer John Alden) is the admiral. He goes everywhere we do and has been in some pretty nasty weather with me and has always taken it in stride.
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Reverie's Photos -


Who: Ed, Annamae, James, and Alden
Port: Muskegon Mi