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An occasional lighthearted (mostly!) look at life sailing a small catamaran away from home.

12 July 2021 | Granton
08 July 2021 | Granton
20 May 2021 | Granton Royal Forth Yacht Club
20 May 2021 | Kinghorn
10 May 2021 | Burntisland
28 September 2020 | Rive Almond
27 September 2020 | Cramond SC Jetty
27 September 2020 | Cramond
11 July 2020 | Newhaven Fish Jetty
11 July 2020 | Firth of Forth
07 July 2020 | Burntisland Sailing Club pontoons
18 August 2017
18 August 2017
17 August 2017 | Amble
16 August 2017 | Hartlepool
16 August 2017 | Northumberland Coast
16 August 2017 | RN museum, Hartlepool
16 August 2017 | Hartlepool
15 August 2017 | Redcar, Yorkshire
14 August 2017 | Whitby

Best Laid Plans

12 July 2021 | Granton
David Holdsworth | Thick Haar
As part of the "Escape from Covid grand master plan" it seemed like a good idea to visit the small harbours in and around the Forth, of which there are many. So, 5 of us from Burntisland SC decided to sail to Fisherrow, the harbour for Musselborough, East of Leith.
Mother Nature had other ideas and a heavy Haar descended in big patches, a "now you see me, now you don't" sort of afternoon. As it meant a return trip across an increasingly busy shipping lane and Grey Dove was the only one with radar, prudence got the better of us....
We drove round to The pre-booked Thai restaurant for dinner instead.

Times are hard.

08 July 2021 | Granton
David Holdsworth | Overcast
I know that times are hard in Scotland as a result of the Covid Crisis but this takes the cake...
Reverting to the methods of their woad painted ancestors and using dug out canoes is taking austerity a bit too far.
Vessel Name: Grey Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Modified Heavenly Twins 26
Hailing Port: Kinghorn
Crew: David Holdsworth BEM. Jessie Cameron Hunter Holdsworth (aka Jeanette)
I [...]
Greydove is a mk3/4 Heavenly Twins highly modified with straight stems and a high aspect ratio fully battened modern catamaran rig with an 11 metre mast. She goes! (for an old girl anyway). Sailing around the West Coast and Western Isles of Scotland with a scuba diving skipper we have visited many [...]
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