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An occasional lighthearted (mostly!) look at life sailing a small catamaran away from home.

31 July 2017 | Brighton
31 July 2017 | Brighton Marina
31 July 2017 | English Channel
30 July 2017 | Cherbourg
29 July 2017 | Guernsey
29 July 2017 | Guernsey
28 July 2017 | St PeterPort, Guernsey
27 July 2017 | L'Aber Wrac'h, La Malouine Passage
21 July 2017 | Brest
18 July 2017 | Rade De Brest
10 July 2017 | Douarnenez
08 July 2017 | South West of Glenan
08 July 2017 | Everywhere
07 July 2017 | Guilvinec
06 July 2017 | Le Chiagat
05 July 2017 | Le Guilvinec
04 July 2017 | South of Belle Isle
04 July 2017 | La Palais
04 July 2017 | Between Yeu and Belle Ile
03 July 2017 | Joinville

The Culprit

31 July 2017 | Brighton
sunny, occasional breeze
Having struggled with boat speed when the wind was dead astern we decided to break out the Code Zero reacher and hoist it to check out the furler. There was little or no wind in the marina so up she went fine and dandy. As Sod's Law dictates, the moment the sail was up a whiff of a zephyr rippled across the harbour, cracking the sheets and catching me a sore one across the chest. I heard a crack and an "OOOF" from the jetty and looked round just in time to see Chris keel over on the pontoon and lie flat on his back with his feet up on a tender. A high speed bight in the lazy sheet had whacked him on the temple sharply enough to cause concussion which we didn't realise until we got to Ramsgate when his continued nausea resulted in an emergency trip to the hospital for a CT scan. Fortunately no permanent damage was done, it was his head after all...
Here is the culprit back in its bag.

A dinky dredger

31 July 2017 | Brighton Marina
Sunny. breezy
Brighton Marina silts up non-stop. Our berth was intended for a deep keel yacht but we went aground at the bottom of a neap tide. Alarming for other boats as we only draw about 0.8 of a meter.
However Brighton Marina are on top of the game. They have purchased this excellent suction dredger and installed permanent piping so that dredging can continue without hindrance. Impressive.
Vessel Name: Grey Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Modified Heavenly Twins 26
Hailing Port: Kinghorn
Crew: David Holdsworth BEM. Jessie Cameron Hunter Holdsworth (aka Jeanette)
I [...]
Greydove is a mk3/4 Heavenly Twins highly modified with straight stems and a high aspect ratio fully battened modern catamaran rig with an 11 metre mast. She goes! (for an old girl anyway). Sailing around the West Coast and Western Isles of Scotland with a scuba diving skipper we have visited many [...]
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