Grey Dove - Adventures in a Heavenly Twins Catamaran

An occasional lighthearted (mostly!) look at life sailing a small catamaran away from home.

11 July 2020 | Newhaven Fish Jetty
11 July 2020 | Firth of Forth
07 July 2020 | Burntisland Sailing Club pontoons
16 August 2017 | RN museum, Hartlepool
16 August 2017 | Hartlepool
15 August 2017 | Redcar, Yorkshire
15 August 2017 | Hartlepool
14 August 2017 | Whitby
14 August 2017 | Whitby approaches
13 August 2017 | Humber Approaches
12 August 2017 | Wells
12 August 2017 | Wells
12 August 2017 | Wells
12 August 2017 | Wells
11 August 2017 | Wells
10 August 2017 | Lowestoft
09 August 2017 | Thames Estuary
09 August 2017 | North Foreland
06 August 2017 | Ramsgate harbour front

Fish and Chips

11 July 2020 | Newhaven Fish Jetty
David Holdsworth | Sunny, some CN
We got a bit peckish so dropped into Newhaven alongside the FishMarket slip and got a fish supper (with mushy peas of course) from the Loch Fyne fish restaurant made famous on the telly.
Bit of a palaver- covid regs meant we had to phone in our order (from 20' away on the jetty) then wait 2 metres apart in a queue to collect.....
Delicious though, worth the wait, even if we then had to eat in down below because of the tourists treating us as an exhibit!


11 July 2020 | Firth of Forth
David Holdsworth | Sunny, some cumulo-nimbus
Our first proper sail for a long time; a quick daunder around Inchcolm, pick down and lunch at Hound point, back through Mortimers Deep to peep into Aberdour, a broad reach across the Forth to Newhaven for supper and home again, jiggity jig, smiles all round.
Vessel Name: Grey Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Modified Heavenly Twins 26
Hailing Port: Kinghorn
Crew: David Holdsworth BEM. Jessie Cameron Hunter Holdsworth (aka Jeanette)
I [...]
Greydove is a mk3/4 Heavenly Twins highly modified with straight stems and a high aspect ratio fully battened modern catamaran rig with an 11 metre mast. She goes! (for an old girl anyway). Sailing around the West Coast and Western Isles of Scotland with a scuba diving skipper we have visited many [...]
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