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An occasional lighthearted (mostly!) look at life sailing a small catamaran away from home.

06 August 2017 | Ramsgate harbour front
06 August 2017 | Ramsgate
04 August 2017 | Ramsgate
03 August 2017 | Dover
02 August 2017 | Dover
02 August 2017 | Beachy Head
02 August 2017 | Approaching Beachy Head
01 August 2017 | Brighton Marina
01 August 2017 | Yalikavak
31 July 2017 | Brighton
31 July 2017 | Brighton Marina
31 July 2017 | English Channel
30 July 2017 | Cherbourg
29 July 2017 | Guernsey
29 July 2017 | Guernsey
28 July 2017 | St PeterPort, Guernsey
27 July 2017 | L'Aber Wrac'h, La Malouine Passage
21 July 2017 | Brest
18 July 2017 | Rade De Brest
10 July 2017 | Douarnenez

Strange pastimes?

06 August 2017 | Ramsgate harbour front
David Holdsworth | Sheltering from gale
The name of this establishment made me giggle. I thought they weren't allowed to advertise that sort of thing any more. Then I found out that the minors in question were unlikely to actually be boys and were in fact fishing smack crew who were landed there when times were difficult...

Ramsgate, gateway to Dunkirk

06 August 2017 | Ramsgate
David Holdsworth | Sheltering from gale
Chris' injury and 3 days of gales kept us holed up in Ramsgate which actually was not a bad thing. It is a great place, a little scuffed at the edges but, with several waterfront boozers, a great chippy and eons of maritime history we could have done worse that is for sure. The port trades on being front and centre during the relief of Dunkirk and the Maritime museum is well worth a visit, with lots of nostalgia for me as much of the kit was familiar. (OK get over it; yes I remember Nelson as a midshipman, Noah was a rubbish navigator etc etc). When the curator saw me sighing over a Mk 5 Gyro lying on its side in a pile of dust he offered me a job!
Vessel Name: Grey Dove
Vessel Make/Model: Modified Heavenly Twins 26
Hailing Port: Kinghorn
Crew: David Holdsworth BEM. Jessie Cameron Hunter Holdsworth (aka Jeanette)
I [...]
Greydove is a mk3/4 Heavenly Twins highly modified with straight stems and a high aspect ratio fully battened modern catamaran rig with an 11 metre mast. She goes! (for an old girl anyway). Sailing around the West Coast and Western Isles of Scotland with a scuba diving skipper we have visited many [...]
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