Sailing Ti Amo - Our Fourth Adventure

14 November 2019 | Mile Hammock, Camp Lejeune NC
13 November 2019 | Oriental, NC
12 November 2019 | Oriental, NC
11 November 2019 | Pungo River
10 November 2019 | Camden Point
09 November 2019 | Great Bridge
08 November 2019 | Lafayette River
07 November 2019 | Broad Creek, Deltaville, VA
30 October 2019 | Topping
23 October 2019 | Urbanna Harbor
30 April 2019 | Urbanna Creek
28 April 2019 | Morehead City, NC
27 April 2019 | Morehead City, NC
23 April 2019 | Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
22 April 2019 | Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
21 April 2019 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas
20 April 2019 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas
19 April 2019 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas
18 April 2019 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos, Bahamas

On to Mile Hammock

14 November 2019 | Mile Hammock, Camp Lejeune NC
glenda groome
Thirty two degrees?????? And you want to what????? With lines frozen and barely pliable, Greg is off the boat trying to disconnect the electrical cords while I ready us down below for our departure from Oriental.

We need to get a little further down the ICW before the next weather event which is to start on Friday and continue through the weekend. Needless to say the further south we get hopefully the warmer we will get. We are truly in no hurry other than the warmth.

This morning I have on three sets of pants, four layers of shirts, two pair of extra thick socks, my balaclava, a hat, gloves and my foul weather heavy coat. When we are at a dock, my job is outside removing the lines and making sure we stay off the pilings as we back out. The captain does a lovely job of maneuvering out of our slip and we are on our way. Now my job is to wrap the lines up and hang them back on the railing but that is not happening today. The lines are so frozen they are difficult to work with so I loop them as best I can and take them downstairs and put in the front head to let them thaw out.

I get the captain a cup of coffee and we are crossing the Neuse River and heading towards Moorehead City and beyond. Our hope is to get to Mile Hammock which is a large harbor - part of the Camp Lejeune US Marine base. There is room for 20 or more boats and we at the time we know of five boats heading there for the night. You always hope there will be room in the inn when you get there especially when the anchorages are limited in some areas.

The day is long with lots of homes to see. It is amazing how many still have not replaced their docks from the prior years. We are also surprised at how close to the water some of these houses are sitting. Spartina is behind us now as they stopped to pick up some fuel. Jaxon has taken over. The captain has lost control of most everything including the helm. LOL

At 1530 hours we approach the Onslow Swing Bridge and wait for it to open before taking that last thirty minute ride to the Mile Hammock anchorage. With only four other boats anchored, Ti Amo and Spartina find a spot and drop their hooks for the evening.
Vessel Name: Ti Amo
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47 LRC
Hailing Port: Topping, VA
Crew: Greg and Glenda Groome
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The Crew

Who: Greg and Glenda Groome
Port: Topping, VA