Sailing Ti Amo - Our Fourth Adventure

15 December 2019 | Key Largo, FL
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A “Marathon” Day

15 December 2019 | Key Largo, FL
glenda groome
The sun is up and we are lazily trying to decide what to do for the day. There are several attractions and the ones that catch our attention the most are the bird sanctuary and the beaches.

The bird sanctuary is right down the street so we left Jaxon at the boat while we went to visit. It was sad to read the stories that led to some of these birds being here. They have been hurt in someway and cannot make it back into their normal habitat so this one has been built to protect them and keep them safe from predators. We were amazed at the numbers that were there from the owl to the seagulls, blue jays, pelicans, turkey buzzards and a booby. Some had broken wings, some had lost a leg and one poor guy lost half of his beak from a boat propeller. We said our farewell there and headed back to Ti Amo.

Jaxon is asleep on Jens floor when we arrive but is anxious to go when we wake him. We packed swimsuits, water bottles, towels and snacks for a trip "down the road". As you know there is only one road in the Keys that goes south and that is Route 1. So Jen heads south in search of lunch and when we find that place we will know what the rest of the day looks like.

We pass over Tavernier Creek, then we are on the Snake Bridge and we are in Islamorada and Plantation Key. Windley Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Long Key, Vaca Key, Fat Deer Key and Marathon! Yes we made it to Marathon and while it is only thirty nine miles from Tavernier, it seems like it takes forever on this one straight road known as Route 1.

We found a place to eat on the right hand side of the road but when turned away because of Jaxon, we ended up in what may be our favorite eating establishment yet. Sparky's Landing had the best server as well as the best lobster tacos and flat bread mixed greens salad with shrimp. was tasty and we all said a quiet thank you to the place across the street for turning us away.

Five miles down the way is Sombrero Beach....touted as the best of the Keys, who could resist! We are pleased when we pull up to a beautiful beach complete with a nice bath house, picnic areas, playground and best yet they allow dogs on the beach. Jaxon is wild! He wants to run loose but he is still such a puppy I know he will be like the child that walks on everyone's towels and plops a bit a sand on them so we keep him leashed. Most dogs are leashed but there are a few playing in the water with their owners.

Jen has braved the thought of getting in the water. After a few candid shots she gets all the way in and swims a bit. Then Jaxon thinks he should get his day too. Actually we had to coax him a bit but he joined Jen even if just for a brief moment. Soon the clouds were rolling in and we could see it might get nasty so we rinse Jaxon off and we head towards the infamous Seven Mile Bridge (we are that close, we may as well, right?). As soon as we get to the last side street before transiting the bridge the clouds open up and we decide that being on a bridge in that mess will be no fun so we do a u-turn and head back toward Tavernier.

We still had two other things on our was to see the sunset from the sound side and the other was to get some Key Lime Pie. We stopped at the grocery store where I pick up a few things to make a Caesar salad for dinner and then we decide we are only thirty some minutes to sunset so we hang a right and head to Mile Marker 88 for a cocktail and watch the sun set. While there we met some new friends, Paul and Christine from Ontario who have a home down this way. We chat with them for a bit before bidding them farewell with promises of catching up again later in the week if we are still around.

Last item on the list.......we stop at the Blonde Giraffe, "The Original Key Lime Pie Factory" and Jen and I walk in to pick up two slices of pie. Little did we know there would be anything other than Key Lime can get Key Lime flavored taffy, Key Lime pie cookies, meringues, pretzels and even Key Lime pecans. Good thing we know what we want, even though you have to choose between, the meringue topped, the whipped top or the plain Key Lime pie. We went with the whipped top (frozen slices) and headed home to make dinner, get showers and then enjoy dessert.

After a wonderful day there is nothing quite as sweet as sitting in your pajamas after having showered and enjoying a slice of heaven. I cannot handle all the sweetness and tartness of Key Lime so I sneak a bite of Greg's and then watch and listen as he and Jen enjoy their Key Lime goodness.

A great end to the day comes early as Jen has to head out early in the morning. We all hit the bed early in hopes of a good nights rest.
Vessel Name: Ti Amo
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47 LRC
Hailing Port: Topping, VA
Crew: Greg and Glenda Groome
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The Crew

Who: Greg and Glenda Groome
Port: Topping, VA