Sailing Ti Amo - Our Sixth Adventure

17 January 2021 | Fleming Key, Key West, FL
14 January 2021 | Wisteria Anchorage, Key West
11 January 2021 | Little Torch Key, Newfound Harbor, Fl
08 January 2021 | Marathon, Boot Key, FL
07 January 2021 | Rodriguez Key, Key Largo, Fl
06 January 2021 | Rodriguez Key, Key Largo, Fl
01 January 2021 | Tavernier, Key Largo, FL
30 December 2020 | Tavernier, Fl
24 December 2020 | Heart Harbor, Tavanier, Key Largo
22 December 2020 | Heart Harbor, Tavanier, Key Largo, FL
20 December 2020 | Faber Cove, Fort Pierce, Fl
14 December 2020 | Faber Cove, Fort Pierce, FL
12 December 2020 | Faber Cove, Fort Pierce, FL
11 December 2020 | Faber Cove, Fort Pierce, FL
09 December 2020 | Ponce Inlet
07 December 2020 | Rockhouse Creek, Ponce De Leon Inlet
03 December 2020 | St. Augustine Municipal Marina Mooring Field
02 December 2020 | St. Augustine Municipal Marina South Mooring Field
30 November 2020 | St Augustine Municipal Mooring Field South
28 November 2020 | St. Augustine Municipal Mooring Field

Off to Marco Island, FL

17 January 2021 | Fleming Key, Key West, FL
glenda groome
It is time to move. Carl and Debi left us on Thursday and are back in Miami staging to cross to the Bahamas. I think they are awaiting the weather and the COVID testing requirements before they transit the Atlantic for Bimini or Great Harbour. Greg, Jaxon and I will head up the Western shore of Florida today but we will make an overnight passage to Marco Island, as transiting the Everglades, while intriguing, is a pretty bug infested area and we are not sure we are ready for that.
We have enjoyed Key West and have remained pretty much to ourselves. One thing is certain.....there is no such thing as buddy boating with COVID. It is not like going to the Bahamas and saying let’s have a party aboard and invite three or more couples. Now you stay to yourself with the occasional couple you know like Carl and Debi or John and Joanne. You don’t go inviting trouble. But.....we are enjoying the food in the area with outdoor dining on occasion......usually an appetizer or a lunch. I will say we did the shrimp and lobster pizza TWICE at Keys Best Pizza! It was AMAZING. Other than that, I try to keep the captain happy creating in our kitchen as you can see the eggs, mushroom, tomato and cheese frittata I made for breakfast. I have enjoyed creating more in the kitchen.

Our walks have included the usual suspects of birds in the area as well as watching the many boats come in with their “catch of the day”. A very entertaining place here at Key West. Folks from all different walks of life living what appears from this outsiders view, a happy existence. There is a lot of laughter and televisions on new doom and one glued to their phone for the next post.....just folks laughing and smiling.....reminiscent of “yesterday”.
Vessel Name: Ti Amo
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 47 LRC
Hailing Port: Topping, VA
Crew: Greg, Glenda and Jaxon Groome
Ti Amo's Photos - Departure for Maine
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Saying goodbye is never easy
A little ride to say farewell for now my sweet boy
Fletcher moves to his new home
What a frame for a beautiful this guy
The room with a view
Thanks to Robin for making time in her schedule to help me see Fletcher to his new home.
Birthday dinner at the Lobster House in Cape May with Robin
Proud parents of the last of three to graduate from Old Dominion Daycare
Gigi loves this little proud of her
So long Barry and Robin.....hope to see you next spring
The new “loopers”
Farewell Crossroads.....the “Loopers”await you!
Thank you Margie for the flowers for Chewie
A company I am proud to be associated with.....thanks to all for being a part of 30 plus years of my life
A 25 knot Sail with Jen and Janek......what a great Memorial Day weekend
Allison and Bruce from Maine
Gigi and Bruce flirting
Helping deliver River Rat to Portsmouth
Chewie found his spot
Provisioning is so much fun

The Crew

Who: Greg, Glenda and Jaxon Groome
Port: Topping, VA