Preparing to Roam the Coast of Australia

38' Boro Temptress Ketch - 10' (3M) beam Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Genoa, Jib, Mail and Missen with Stay Sail on inner forestay - Foresails Hanked on


27 February 2016
Installed new washers on the portholes
Finished installing hinges for oven side trays
Installed 3rd mooring line


01 February 2016
Installed hinges for over side tables
Re-sealed starboard 3rd window (was leaking)
Measured portholes for new rubber washers
Removed unwanted tools
Re-packed new tool bag

Rebuilding and preparing

23 January 2016
Fitted Hinges for external oven shelves

Started to check wiring

Moving the forestay back to where it belongs

24 July 2015
When I measured the boat for the forestay I forgot that the bow was higher than the mast mounting point and the forestay was too long. We were able to connect the forestay to the end of the new bowsprit and all was well. But now we couldn't mount, or tack, the asymmetrical spinnaker. Greg from the riggers cut the forestay back to the correct length and re-swaged the fitting. I will now have to re-drill the mounting point.

Anchor lights - deck lights - gearbox and engine anode

28 March 2015
Rewired the new (and old) anchor light
Started wiring the new deck lights
Checked oil in gearbox and all is well - so far
Removed bolt in back of engine to replace anode - all seems to have disappeared - have I removed the incorrect bolt - will check with Bukh in Sydney on Monday

Getting Ready to go

23 March 2015
Slowly readying the boat go north around July
Vessel Name: Good Thing Its Friday
Vessel Make/Model: Boro Temptress 38
Hailing Port: Brisbane
Crew: Jeff Ablett
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Good Thing Its Friday's Photos -

Who: Jeff Ablett
Port: Brisbane