Guapa: Beauty and the Sea

One family and their boat. A daydream, a vision and now, slowly, becoming reality.

14 December 2016
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04 June 2010 | Levington, Ipswich
Another trip up to the boat. Surveyor was taking a closer look at 'The Hole'. The long and the short of it: not as bad as I first feared. Fixable, at (moderate) cost.
It would seem that the void has been there since the boat was built, nearly 30 years ago. I hope we have nipped something in the bud here.

Surveyor spoke to the bloke who had opened up the hole and who will be fixing it. Once again confirmation that all builders in Britain are now Polish. He seemed eager to get on with the job and was pleased to learn from the horse's mouth what was required.
Final conference with the surveyor and the assistant-assistant- yard-foreman, quick lunch and on my merry way.

Next stop: Levington. Chat with the rigger. Appointment for the rig check and tuning was made - July 2nd. Discussed replacing the furling gear. Options discussed and deal made. Genoa dropped for luff tape adaptation.

Earlier in the day I stopped at the Harwich sail loft where I had dropped off the sprayhood for repairs & fitting. Sprayhood now sorted. Appointment made at the yard - June 11th.
And that should be my last trip up to the boat till she's sorted and launched on the 28th. Regrettably I still have to work for a living and I just can't keep taking time off from work - no matter how much I want to.

Another e-mail from the yard this morning: they want to talk to me about the fuel tank. Not heard anything yet; but odds on, they're talking about extra £££. I think it's part of their cunning plan to make me a shareholder. Don't think so.
And they are already behind on the engineering front - problems fitting the exhaust.

Hopefully it will all come together in the last 'days of panic'.
Vessel Name: Guapa
Vessel Make/Model: Kalik 44
Hailing Port: Ipswich, UK
Crew: Wim, Brigitte, Evita & Yanni
About: The Vandenbossche family
Extra: One family and their boat. It started as daydream, then a vision and now, slowly, becoming reality.
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