Sailing Adventures of 'S/V Gypsy Soul'

Presently in Rockport Tx Catching up on bright work an trying to build a Bimini, and a dodger. Planned trip early March or April to North Florida.

21 March 2014 | Rockport, Tx.....Mustang Marina
24 November 2013 | Rockport Tx
10 December 2011 | House of Boats
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04 October 2010 | Rockport Texas
11 April 2010 | Mustang Yacht Marina
07 April 2010 | Pier Side Hook and Bull Boat Yard
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Good Day / Bad Day / Disappointing Day

17 March 2010 | Hook and Bull Boat Yard
Saturday the March 13th might as well been Friday the 13th.

At 7:30 AM Jimmy the Boat yard Manager came knocking on my boat and asked if I would like to go in today vice Monday or Tuesday as he had a lot of boats to move around and he needed the space.

So of course I was ready and so was Gypsy Soul. I called a few friends that wanted to watch the launch and started making all preps to launch. Bumpers out, Ropes to tie off out, and un-hook all electric and water. I was ready by 9 Am for the lift to move us to the launch site. After Jimmy moved a few other boats he finally got to us about 11:30.

He lifted us up, and we started painting the few spots that needed to be painted where the stands where. This took about 30 min and then about 45 mins for the paint to dry. So at about 12:45 PM we started to the launch point.

All was going well and I was so excited. We hit he water for the first time in eight years. God she looked good going in. We were all excited and things were looking great. While still in the sling I went abroad to check all the below water fittings and overboard discharge fitting for leaks.

All was looking good when I heard the bilge pumps come on and the high water alarm went off. I opened the engine compartment and found that water was gushing in around the engine shaft stuffing box. I reached down to tighten it and when I did I noticed that water was running over the top of my hand.

When I placed my had behind the battery box to check the rudder stuffing box water was just pouring in around the base of it. I told Jimmy to lift us back out so as to see what the main problem was. After being lifted out and moved back out from over the water we found that the rudder shaft housing was cracked and there was no way to repair or was a quick fix. He (Jimmy) desided to leave me in the sling to see if I could repair over the weekend. As it was we found out that it was not going to be as easy as it first looked. But isn't that all ways the way it is?

So Sunday he re-blocked Gypsy Soul so I could start repairs. What we found was that due to where the rudder box was located, that with the engine installed there was no way to get to the box/stuffing tube. The only was to cut an opening in the cockpit to access it.

How I had planed to later on do this to install wheel steering vice helm steering. Looks like I was going to have to do it now to replace the tube now. SO after being in the water for only 30 min Gypsy Soul was back out on the hard. I was so disappointed and heart broken. 8 years and still something was wrong. But Better now than out at sea. So someone was looking out for me.

Sunday after noon Jim and I got all my tools and we cut a hatch opening in the cockpit. I had already bought a new hatch to install so That went fairly fast. When we got to the stuffing box we found that it was completely cracked and brittle and could not be repaired, the only option was to remove it and install a new one.

This was going to be a fairly complex job as we had to grind down the box, and drill out the old stuffing box. Monday I found that no where locally handled the fiberglass tubing. You would think that in the state of Texas someone would carry it. I ended up ordering it from a place in Maine. So it will not be here till Thursday.

We also found out that I was bow down while I was in the water. Seems that the the 250 ft of chain was two much weight in the bow, so its back to rope for it.

So as it stands now Gypsy Soul is out of the water and we are waiting for parts to arrive. I will try to keep all of you advised and you can go to my Face book and see pictures of the launching and the work to repair.

Vessel Name: Gypsy Soul
Vessel Make/Model: 1967 31 ft Seafarer Sloop
Hailing Port: St Augustine Fl
Crew: Richard
About: Male 69 years young at heart loves to sail, loves the Naturalist style of life. Retired US Navy of 33 years.
Extra: Presently located in Rockport Tx Prepping Gypsy Soul for a sail back to Fl via the ICW.
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The few pictures I was able to get
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Created 31 December 2011
Pictures of the Houston/Galveston Highway and Rail Road bridges...and traffic as we cross the Houston Ship Channel.
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Created 26 December 2011
Pictures along the ICW from Freeport to Moody Gardens at Galveston Texas. A wonderful Christmas light show at Moody Gardens.
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Created 18 December 2011
See the long boring sites along the ICW
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Created 15 December 2011
Rockport to Port O'Connor on S/v Red Clipper
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Shots/Pics of the Water line raising.
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Created 10 December 2011
Pictures of Fuel storage for six, five gallon diesel storage and 1 five gallon gasoline jerry cans and 8 cans of 1 lb butane fuel.
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Created 1 May 2011
Pictures of the haul out and damage done by non protection of below water line paint.
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Created 30 April 2011
Mounting of Wind Generator
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Created 5 March 2011
General Sailing in and around Rockport / Aransas Pass Texas.
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Created 4 October 2010
The first underway time for Gypsy Soul and Docked at her Temporary Dock at Mustang Yaughts
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Created 11 April 2010
The launch of Gypsy Soul
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Created 7 April 2010
On the first launch of Gypsy Soul we had to pull her out of the water after 30 min due to a cracked rudder shaft stuffing tube. This show the replscement of it,
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Created 27 March 2010
The placing of Gypsy Soul's Name
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Created 27 March 2010
The launching of Gypsy Soul after Eight years of being on the hard
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Created 17 March 2010

Florida Gypsy Soul

Who: Richard
Port: St Augustine Fl

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'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.' - "Mark Twain" -