Gypsy Crossings

Picture Time

This update is just to let you know I finally uploaded additional pictures to the Gallery! We've had many requests for more pictures so I'm sorry this has taken so long. Back in Cabo San Lucas I tried several times to upload photos but the connection was not strong enough. Here in San Jose del Cabo the connection is much better but a bit finicky. It's taken me several days to get this album uploaded. It's hard to believe that once upon a time, not so long ago, internet didn't even exist and now I get so frustrated when a connection doesn't work at laser speed. The things we get used to and then take for granted. Such is life.

The pictures in the Mexico album coincide with the last four blogs. It starts from the beginning of the sailing journey although, due to the challenges we had for the first few days, there is only one picture before arriving in Turtle Bay. The last of the pictures are from Cabo San Lucas. They were taken on a few different cameras and their quality varies but they all help tell our story. We hope you enjoy them!